Different Languages & Frameworks related to VR Development: What to Choose?

Virtual Reality Programming: Which Technology Stack Your Team Needs to Master?

Virtual and augmented reality app development has become a boom these days. Indeed, every technology company that wants to feel itself an innovator is somehow involved in virtual development. But do you know which of programming languages or frameworks suits your project the best?

Let’s figure that out. Back in 1997-2002,  you could create virtual worlds with VRML 2.0 moving world, but it got deprecated. Then VRML97  was a popular option for some time as well, but finally disappeared. And this is only for web applications, which was significantly limited by bandwidth. Today, when it comes to virtual reality programming, there are plenty of options to choose from. Indeed, according to theVRindex, currently, there are 12 different languages listed for libraries related to VR development.

But that does not mean that one single language might be enough to develop a top-notch virtual reality product, right? There are also other virtual reality development tools such as game engines, for instance. When properly used with languages, game engines might help you create a real virtual reality masterpiece.

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