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    Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have been on everyone's lips for a long time. These technologies promise big results, such as improving many everyday products and services. But how can they be used specifically for business purposes? Check out our guide and see how.

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    The global AI market is growing rapidly. Many companies utilize AI technologies and are now benefitting from these solutions. This suggests that many understand the value of this approach, and if you have not yet introduced AI into your business, it's time to think about it.

    Artificial intelligence technologies can be used for diverse areas of business: retail, IT, construction, education, etc. They help to study future market trends and implement automation of routine processes. AI development services from ServReality can help you forget about performing every boring, repetitive action yourself. Let's take a look at several spheres in which AI is most in demand.


      Robots that are used in production make many processes much easier. Moreover, innovations such as machine vision and 3D technologies can make the production process much quicker

    • HEALTH

      AI technologies are changing the health industry as well. Applications based on these can provide substantial change for medical workers. Virtual assistants can also deliver extraordinary diagnostic assistance


      Applications that can "feel" an area and move without human intervention can completely transform the transport system. These apps can analyze roads and choose the best route, thus reducing travel time and making the trip much more comfortable


      Machine training can predict user behavior and recommend films, music, television shows, and other content. Even advertising can be personalized depending on user preferences, which can allow companies increase sales

    • SPORT

      Predictive analysis and automation are great helpers when it comes to predicting results, betting, and more

    Currently, AI game development is one of the most widespread applications of innovative technologies.

    In video games, AI is used to create adaptive, responsive, or intelligent behaviors, primarily in non-player characters, that are similar to human intelligence. No matter what you are looking for, be it an app to entertain your customers or an AI game development service, ServReality can help you solve your task.


    As you can see, AI can be used in many diverse fields. But do you really need it? The answer is unequivocally 'yes'. Here are a few advantages that AI can provide for you:

    • COST

      It is easier for Artificial Intelligence to study statistics and forecasts than for people. It can quickly process vast arrays of information and offer the most optimal price distribution. This will help you increase your revenue and can even increase your company's income by several times


      Not all customers are safe: there may be fraudsters! AI networks can analyze user behavior, noticing suspicious actions and making it possible for you to react to them. So, there will be no financial losses or other associated problems


      With the help of AI, you can analyze your sales and the steps you currently perform. This will help you understand what people like and dislike about your business, which will lead to increased sales. An optimized marketing strategy you will develop with the help of AI will make your business much more successful

    • SPEED

      Sometimes it is very important to analyze information and respond to it even more quickly. A good example is exchange operations. Unfortunately, ordinary algorithms cannot adapt themselves to new conditions and data. Artificial intelligence makes it possible and increases productivity greatly


      Your employees may be geniuses, but there is still a human factor that can lead to mistakes. This is influenced by dozens of factors that you cannot predict or eliminate. As for AI, it has no emotions or feelings, so a bad first date or lack of sleep will not influence its work. If stability and accuracy in your work are what you value most, AI is exactly what you need

    As you can see, AI is an irreplaceable solution that can change your overall work process, improving it significantly. Now, let's take a look at Machine Learning, which is actually a part of AI.

    Machine Learning: a part of AI

    People are faced with ML development on a daily basis: smart algorithms in social networks, chatbots in online stores, cameras with facial recognition in public places - all of us encounter these things in our everyday lives.

    Many companies introduce ML to analyze risks, study their audience and reduce costs. Machine Learning is a part of artificial intelligence. It is used in systems that collect large volumes of data. For example, smart energy management systems take data from sensors in various objects. Then, using algorithms, the data is analyzed and the results are sent to people in the company who make a decision to better understand and balance the needs of electricity consumption and maintenance.

    The main difference between ML and standardized algorithms is adaptability, as it is constantly developing. Let's take a look at several examples of how ML services can be used.

    • Chatbots accelerate customer service. What makes the customer experience maximally enjoyable? Eliminating all the possible problems and answering questions quickly. A virtual consultant that can be found on any site nowadays is a great helper. With its help people work less, and standard questions are answered by a bot, which also helps to reduce cost
    • Decision support systems help to reduce the number of errors. ML is often used in the production sector. For example, you can load breakdown statistics into your system. Having analyzed the data, the network will be able to predict a machinery breakdown. The system can also provide alerts when it is necessary to do preventive maintenance. This helps to avoid wasting money in production downtime. The second example is the rise or fall in the stock market. This tool is popular with professional investors
    • ML helps to quickly check résumés and other documents. HR professionals are heroes that review thousands of resumes daily, and this technology can really change their lives. ML can help automate the selection process of future workers; it can speed up the sorting out of unsuitable candidates. Moreover, ML can help you build a profile for a perfect applicant based on the job description. As a result of these implementations, HR professionals are less stressed and can make better choices

    ServReality can create any machine learning service you need for your business. Our professionals will consult with you and help you make the right choice.

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    AI and ML can help you take your business to new heights. Your employees will be less stressed, your revenue will increase, and the probability of mistakes will be reduced. Contact ServReality specialists right now and explore new horizons.

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