ServReality is a mixed reality company, which builds up and contributes the mixed reality service, including mixed reality apps and software.

Mixed reality (MR) is named a composite matter. It is a blend of material and virtual worlds to form contemporary surroundings and ideas where substantial and cybernated things synchronize and collaborate in the current moment. The hi-tech can exist in both the natural and virtual world, but be a mixture of them, including augmented R/V with the deeply engaging science. Augmented virtuality is a subclass of mixed reality, where material figures blend with Virtual Reality.

Mixed reality software is the later progress of humanity in handling machines and surroundings, and opens potentialities, which before are restricted by the human imagination. The computer perception studies, visual processing capacity, display science, and input arrangements stimulate MR development. Today advanced Mixed reality technology can satisfy growing needs.

It is essential to note that the use of MR is not limited by the displays but also can be managed with surrounding input, space sounding, and place. Our MR developers prepared some information to share it with you.


Spheres of MR

ServReality is the group of qualified developers and engineers, who create MR wonder (apps and software) for the customers. There are some spheres of business, management, and proficiency, where the mixed reality is implemented. For example:
Mutual output information handling
Transition from the fixed output catalogs to interconnecting 3d smart programmed reproductions.
Imitation based studying
Transition from electronic studying to imitation-learning. Imitation/ VR based practice.
Military practice
Military reality is reproduced and showed in the complicated multi-layer info through a head-mounted display.
Real Advantage Visualization Surrounding
3D forms of Manufacturing advantage are integrated into the virtual atmosphere and then connected with current-moment info correlated with the advantage. Avatars let various spheres collaborate and make decisions based on the input showed in the VR.
Distant working
MR allows an international labor force of distant teams to cooperate and handle business challenges easily.
Health protection
Medical procedure and ultrasound imitations are used as a background exercise for the doctors. These prototypes assist to understand the current condition of patients and enhance their well-being.
Virtual figures are used to recreate the future mechanism before the production phase. It helps to realize the benefits of the output (size, arrangement details, problems, costs of time, and money).
Functional prototype
MR is used in the industrial sphere to form prototypes that unite substantial and set up components.
MR applications

MR App Development

MR applications are classified into 3 types:

  • They allow for arranging the computerized data into the consumer’s precise environment.
  • The projects help to detect the area of the user but can alter the parts of the surrounding for the encouragement of the clients in the appliance.
  • Completely modify the user’s atmosphere and all its aspects.

MR Tools

Tools are obligatory for the MR development:

  • Hololens emulator/ Windows MR simulator
  • Unity game engine
  • Immersive headsets
  • Bluetooth

MR developmen
Mixed Reality Apps Development

MR platforms

Platforms for mixed reality augmentation are listed below:

  • Microsoft Hololens
  • Meta2
  • Google Glass 2.0
  • Epson Moverio BT-300
  • Osterhout Smartglasses
  • Magic Leap

MR showing technologies

The displayed technologies can be categorized into:

  • Shelter electronic visual surrounding
  • Head-up display
  • Head-mounted display
  • Computer display
  • Smartphones
  • PC

Mixed Reality Applications


What is MR?
➢Mixed reality is a blend of the material and virtual worlds to form contemporary surroundings and ideas where substantial and cybernated things synchronize and collaborate in the current moment.
What are you developing?
➢ServReality is developing Mixed reality applications and MR software. It stands among other top industrial companies with its individual approach.
Where is the MR app used?
➢Mixed Reality programs nowadays are applied nearly in the majority of industries, government researches, business, and definitely, in the sphere of entertainment.
Where can I look at your cases?
➢You can explore our cases here.

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