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    Immersing yourself into the digital reality, it will be difficult to find as experienced and qualified partner as ServReality, particularly when you are dealing with AR/VR and AI software and apps. VR and AI are the major technologies that we use.


    We have more than 100+ specialists
    and technology stacks


    We have more than 100+ specialists
    and technology stacks




    Our main expertise is AR/VR, AI and game development.

    We started in 2013 with a main office in Kyiv, Ukraine.

    More than a hundred experts of varying levels and qualifications work for ServReality.

    We have more than 100 completed AI projects, more than 100 AR/VR mobile apps and more than 40 games.

    We build custom solutions for our clients; we can also use open sourced options depending on the project needs.

    ServReality is an innovative company that constantly explores new technologies to push the boundaries of game development and create immersive player experiences.



    ServReality stays at technology's forefront with its skilled team of developers and designers specializing in AR/VR, AI, and game development. Our use of the latest tools and techniques helps us deliver solutions that exceed client expectations, bringing their ideas to life.



    ServReality has extensive experience in developing software for mobile apps, games, and various industries. We work closely with clients to create custom solutions using innovative approaches. Our commitment to excellence sets us apart.

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    We operate with clear IT Service Agreements with tight cost control and transparent feedback and reporting. Absolutely no hidden costs.


    These are some cases that are not under an NDA that we can share with you

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    Oliver Stewart

    Co-Founder at MRCycles

    Hello everyone; I am delighted with the possibilities of virtual reality machine learning. I am sure the future lies with this technology since nothing is impossible. I am happy that the Serv Reality staff helped me realize a crazy idea, although most friends said it was impossible to build a real working machine learning example. I was very pleased to work with these professionals because they caught my slightest desire on the fly.

    Harry Jackson

    Co-Founder at Game Changer

    Hello, I really like to travel by bike. I think this is the best way to see all the sights and enjoy the beauty of the views to the fullest. Unfortunately, during the pandemic, such travel became impossible, and I decided why not to create an MR cycles application that will allow you to travel by bike without leaving home. Thanks to Serv Reality for supporting my idea of creating a mixed reality example and bringing it to life.

    James Garcia

    CEO at VR Games

    I really like the idea of virtual reality, but I didn't fully understand how it could be used outside of video games. Then I came up with creating a social network where people could exchange virtual reality example cases and communicate. It seems to me that this format will be of interest to all VR lovers. I was very happy when Serv Reality supported my idea and turned it into reality so masterfully.

    Harper Ross

    CEO at Playwing

    Hello, my company sells furniture, and I see that many customers refuse to buy it because they are afraid that a sofa or wardrobe will look ugly in their room. This prompted me to create an augmented reality example case to help them make the right choice. I didn’t fully understand what it should look like, but Serv Reality specialists created a miracle. The home AR augmented reality created by them helped us significantly improve the quality of service and increase the number of sales.

    Olivia Gray

    Co-Founder at Virtual Forge

    Hello, I own a large hotel, so I have to maintain a whole call center to confirm reservations and answer all questions from potential customers. This is very expensive, so I created an AI helper example. This would improve customer service and cut costs (profits have dropped a lot during the pandemic). Serv Reality specialists approached the creation of IA helper very responsibly, and I was delighted with the result. I was very pleased with this collaboration.

    Oscar Lee

    Co-Founder at Enjoy Gaming

    My son is fond of robotics; we were at the same exhibition, where I was surprised by the capabilities of modern AI robots. Then I decided that it would be good if an AI robot example case met my hotel guests. I wanted it to be as friendly and sweet as possible. I liked that Serv Reality specialists were very proactive in creating this project. They had many ideas for making such a helpful robot for customers. Today, the robot has become a natural attraction in our hotel, and visitors come here specifically to look at this technological marvel and leave excellent reviews.

    William Hill

    CEO at Leap

    When I started working in a bank, I realized that all the systems here were outdated, and I got excited about creating a computer vision AI example. Such software should be as convenient as possible to use and very multifunctional. Computer vision AI should analyze the client's real needs and offer the services that users need. Serv Reality helped me create the computer vision AI case, which in my opinion, is ideal, and already gives good results today. I believe this will be a perfect impetus for the development of our company.

    Thomas Hernandez

    CEO at Hyper Realm

    Working as a journalist, computer tasks are a significant part of my routine. When a broken arm halted my work, the idea of an AI voice-to-text app emerged, enabling productivity on the move. Despite existing alternatives, none matched my speech pace and diction. Turning to ServReality proved fruitful; they delivered an exceptional machine learning solution, ensuring efficiency in my tasks.


    What do your developers suggest for customers?

    We suggest developing a marketing strategy to take advantage of new Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality instruments and devices. You must find the proper device and develop the device-formed software to achieve your project's goals. It is crucial to be engaged in every step of development, whether it is development of web and mobile software, mobile platform applications, 3D or 2D design, testing of software and hardware, and implementation development.

    What are the main services your VR game company offers?

    Our main services include: Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality development, Mixed Reality applications, 3D solutions, Enterprise Mobility solutions, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions, and game development.

    What are your main benefits?

    The advantages of working with us include the complete protection of your business/project's details. We guarantee a high-quality product, and you retain the intellectual property rights. Our work focuses on our client's requirements. We suggest price-effective IT services for any financial plan and size. Our proficiency and experience in innovative technologies such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, and Artificial Intelligence help you to reach your goals.

    How much money will I spend?

    There are many factors that determine how much it will cost to develop your app or game. There are many differences between solutions, and there are also many variables that affect the price. To get an idea of how much your project will cost, contact ServReality and we will talk with you about your vision and specific requirements, evaluate them, and provide you with this information.

    How much time it will take to develop the project?

    As with a project's cost, there are also many variables that determine how long it will take to develop your project. Your project's complexity, including the number of features and number of elements that must be created, will be an important consideration in estimating a completion date. Your budget is another, in that the more developers that are working on your project, the sooner it will be completed, but of course there is also the financial consideration of employing a larger team. Let ServReality help you to find the best solution and find ways to bring it to market as soon as possible.



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