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To go to toe within the immersive digital realm, you need an innovative software development partner like ServReality. Especially, when it comes to augmented and virtual reality software and AI Applications. Fancy developing rich and responsive games compatible with Google daydream, Oculus or HTC Vive? Wish to create an augmented reality app virtually letting your customers try on clothes or preview novel furniture within their homes? Got other augmented reality software idea to create and implement? Looking for a professional team of coders and designers to create your new machine-learning app?

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5 key reasons to work with ServReality:
  • We protect your assets Since 2013, every member of our team has been signing NDA to secure your business.
  • We stand behind our products  We deliver top-notch products with all featuring intellectual property, 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • We are surprisingly affordable Customer-centric cost-effective & flexible IT services suiting every budget and company size (Start-ups, Enterprises alike).
  • We are high-calibre technicians We have only Mid- level+ and higher technicians to deliver premium quality
  • We are totally transparent  Clear IT Service Agreements with tight cost control and transparent feedback & reporting. Absolutely no hidden costs.
Primary Services
We have a strong commitment to quality and efficiency, striking a path for innovation. ServReality will help you delight your customers and create value for your business.
VR / AR development
Telling your customers about your services is so 2000s, show them what you offer by means of awesome 3D SOLUTIONS, AR & VR apps. ServReality AR/VR expertise includes
AI and ML solutions
Great experiences don’t just happen. We use all superpowers of AI during the whole development process, from idea to the ready product, and beyond.
Outsourcing / Outstaffing
ServReality has teams of dedicated developers, software engineers, and other IT specialists to bring your soon-to-be-big products to life. We have experts in various languages and diverse technologies. Partner with us to enhance decision-making and drive new business models.

Interested in working with the best app developers? Let’s get started!

Case studies
Check how ServReality experiments with innovative technology. We have already turned some projects of our customers into a functioning reality. Browse them to get the picture!
Find out what makes ServReality stand out from the crowd. Meet a few of our customers, get to know what they are saying about us.
Justin Black
CEO at SweetHomeAR
January 18, 2018
"Everything ServReality has done has been functionally awesome. I’m happy and look forward to having a long-term relationship with them. Highly recommended due to their unique punctuality and efficiency."
Sally Jamson
Product owner at VirtTech
November 28, 2017
"I liked working with ServReality because of their sophisticated communication processes, reliability, regular follow-ups, and accurate punctuality. I would separately mention their unique problem-solving abilities. The team was always involved, hands-on, helpful, and patient. Thanks, guys!"
Gerson Thomas
CTO at Moonoo
August 01, 2017
"It’s an awesome company with a dedicated approach. Unlike others regularly having a cookie-cutter process, every interaction with ServReality was tailored to the business that they were working with at the time. But I guess you always want the prices to be cheaper, still they were truly fair."
Owen Light
CEO at Mobile Startup
May 07, 2017
"It was a 8-week timeframe project and they managed to deliver the product even earlier. In general, the product was well-crafted and bugs-free, I would say. Still, I believe opening an office in the U.S. would seriously boost their operations."
Reyes Lee
IT Manager at Nonprofit Organization
February 22, 2017
"ServReality was a lifesaver. They were attentive, responsive, and personable. They feel like they’re an extension of our team. ServReality worked off-hours on bug fixes and product improvement. They designed a functional, well-designed product. And more thing to mention - the user experience side of things is where I suppose they stand out."
Marcus Paul
Product owner at LLeets
January 12, 2017
"I truly enjoyed working with ServReality. They’ve got a flexible, responsive, and resourceful project team. Besides, they are more than just an IT partner - they have become a friend and an extension of our team. I couldn't have asked to work with a better team. Thank you, guys!"
Andy Jamson
Head of Digital & Creative at VCycle
December 12, 2016
"ServReality is a committed partner. The team greatly exceeded all our expectations. Their creative mindset is what also makes the company shine. Definitely recommended."
Allen Dave
Vice President at VTrainer
October 28, 2016
"ServReality works diligently to deliver and launch before deadline. It’s truly amazing in terms of reliability and crashes as it hardly featured any crashes. Plus, the company brings a personable element to their projects that makes them easy and enjoyable to work with."
Dave Jamson
Co-Founder at MRCycles
August 10, 2016
"I prefer working with ServReality because they have amazing project management skills and succeeded where previous developers failed. Their proactive approach is what impressed me the most. They regularly went the extra mile to fully understand the mission and effectively translate it into good quality code. Moreover, ServReality is a fast, cost-effective development partner."
Michael Nicks
Owner at BeItReal
March 26, 2016
"ServReality is great due to their talents and reasonable rates. They’ve got a great pool of resources, ranging from site design to backend development, across several platforms and technologies. The company has been fantastic at maintaining the most up-to-date skills. They delivered a sophisticated product on budget and on deadline."
Lovely Clients
Customer satisfaction is a high priority at ServReality. In fact, our customers are more than just business partners, they are part of ServReality big family. Join the ranks!
Recent Posts
There will always be a fierce competition in the world of technology. Don't fall behind, stay current with ServReality! Cutting edge technologies, latest tech news covered.

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