mobility solution

Enterprise mobility solution

The enterprise mobility solution (EMS) is a group of the experts, systems and technologies aiming attention on the management tools, networks and different mobile maintenance.


The principal target of EMS is to define if and in what way the accessible mobile info should be combined with working issues and how to assist the worker while using them in the workplace.

ServReality is a multi-purpose company, which is able to develop the specialized decisions for the clients.


The configuration helps to prevent the illegal admission to the enterprise apps and corporate details by phones. These may contain:



Remote wipes

To protect the enterprise safety. There are also application programming interfaces, which are done by different device manufacturers to increase the protection agreements.


It is obligatory to memorize, that the info transfer between smartphones and the firm must constantly be enciphered in two ways:

Through VPN



The principal benefit of EMS is the productive time handling. The workers can apply the mobile services and perform obligatory actions from distant places, saving valuable time. The communications with clients can be improved. A desktop virtualization is possible for the customers, who use them.


Success of the Enterprise Mobility Solutions is influenced by the factors as:

Financial worth management

Critical planning

Business views

Industry project control

Business engineering


Integration of apps into company

Working Process

ServReality develops enterprise mobility services for platforms. They can work and perform the necessary functions in some ways:

Device – focusing (Mobile instrument Control)

Software or Library (Software Development kit)

Remote Control (Virtual place)

Network concentration

Our specialists create each computer vision development software applying the given languages.


Enterprise Mobile applications suggest for the buyers:

Increase the productivity

Gain more experience

Cut down the paperwork

There are presented the most useful advantages for the interactions with EMS.

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