Professional IT Outstaffing Services – Hire Your Expert Development Team

    Each development journey presents its own assortment of risks and hurdles best navigated by seasoned experts. Frequently, a surge in supplementary tasks can add complexity to routine operations, creating the need for extra personnel to guarantee deadlines are met and reducing the likelihood of setbacks. This is where the role of outstaffing becomes significant, providing a favored approach to bolster a company's organizational framework.

    Outstaffing services bear similarities to outsourcing but with some key distinctions. Outsourcing employees implies that the company's workforce remains accountable for their performance quality and associated processes. Let's explore why it is vital to hire a professional team and identify the advantages of partnering with ServReality experts.

    Understanding Outstaffing

    There are multiple scenarios where the services of an experienced team are essential. Contemporary online brands often collaborate with outstaffing firms to achieve specific goals. Let's delve into the fundamental reasons.

    When is Outstaffing the Best Option?

    Common motivations for seeking outstaffing services include:

    • Expanding the employee count without compromising the benefits of a simplified taxation system (STS).

    • Alleviating the responsibilities of personnel management and circumventing potential missteps in labor legislation.

    • Reducing legal liability towards employees and governmental bodies, consequently diminishing the frequency of inspections.

    • Seeking ways to minimize payroll and tax expenses.

    • Recruiting top-tier IT professionals who are challenging to source in the regular job market.

    • Stabilizing the brand's financial health by reducing the costs associated with maintaining an in-house workforce (expenses typically handled by the outstaffing agency).

    These highlighted features aid companies successfully navigate the unique challenges at various stages of their business journey.

    Responsibilities of Outstaffing Company

    Seasoned professionals from the outstaffing company help execute standard operations and manage specific processes, including:

    • Recruitment, onboarding, payroll, and termination of employees.
    • Calculation and distribution of salaries.
    • Administration of benefits, sick leave management, vacation planning, and business travel.

    Additional responsibilities are mutually agreed upon in the contract before the commencement of outstaffing services.

    Responsibilities of Outstaffing Company


    Employing outstaffing specialists is pivotal for enhancing staff organization and optimizing the company's structure, yielding specific benefits for both the company and the employees.

    For the Company:

    • Reduction of workload on full-time accountants and HR staff, or even the possibility of eliminating these roles within the company.
    • Capacity to expand the team without affecting the standard taxation system.Absolute protection during inspections by regulatory authorities.
    • Comprehensive protection during audits by regulatory authorities.
    • Decrease in taxes and payroll expenses.

    For the Employee:

    • Professional handling of onboarding for foreign employees.
    • Formal employment with all the associated guarantees.
    • Eliminating termination risk – the outstaffing agency assumes full responsibility for quality.
    • Receiving a competitive salary based on the agency's standards.

    These benefits underscore the efficacy of outstaffing services and their crucial role in fortifying a brand's organizational structure and employment system.



    Our team is made up of professional designers, web and app developers, testers, marketing experts, and more, all with extensive experience across various development processes. We offer a meticulously managed, step-by-step approach to our work. The services we offer include:

    • Product creation 

    We accept the project brief, establish timelines and cost estimates, and develop the product in line with your unique specifications.

    • Mobile/web app development 

    Our experts stay updated on all the latest development trends to ensure a smooth product launch and optimal performance.

    • IT support 

    We provide dependable support with continuous management no matter what services you require.

    • VR/AR

    Our augmented and virtual reality solutions consistently deliver top-tier performance, ensuring maximum competitiveness.

    • AI/ML

    This is an excellent opportunity to receive state-of-the-art solutions tailored to your brand's specific needs.



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