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Computer Vision development

Computer vision is an interdisciplinary field of study, which investigates how to make computers understand visual information. The sphere also focuses on the automation of tasks humans may imitate via this visionary system.

ServReality company uses modern technologies to produce computer vision and software development for their clients.


Computer vision development requires methods for acquiring, handling, analyzing, and imitating programmed sketches, and the removal of details from reality in order to present symbolic info. Diverse areas of expertise are in play rebuilding, event discovery, video tracking, body identification, 3D positions, studying, indexing, action evaluation, and icon restoration.


The main challenge of computer vision software development, image restoration or the machine perception, resolves whether the photo includes or does not contain many specialized items, characteristics, and motions.

Image Recognition

There are some specific  assignments based on the identification:

Data-based picture search (finding all photos which include a special content)

Stand evaluation (evaluating the stand or the area of the body according to the camera)

Optical character recognition (figure out the symbols in illustrations of text)

2D Code Reading

Facial and Form recognition

Movement Examination

Movement examination is the second major issue in this sphere. There are some tasks of motion investigation which are meaningful for computer vision engineering:

The determination of 3D action of the device from a picture series made by a camera

Tracking motion

Structure from motion

Scene and Image reproduction

Scene reproduction focuses on computing a 3D figure of the scene. In the simple approach, some 3D points are used to recreate a model. In the complicated approach, 3D figure stitching occurs.

Image reproduction aims to remove the noise from prints by using special filters such that development of a computer vision system to measure the color of potato chips is possible.


Languages relevant for the computer vision software and application development are the following:




Our specialists create each computer vision development software applying the given languages.

Computer Vision Development Tools

Types of CV development applications usually contain systems for:

Electronic observation

Identification of schemes

Ruling means

Event discovery

The most common tools are:

rgb camera sensors

3D scanner

Thermographic camera

Interconnection of the machine with individual

Designing of things and environments


Structuring the material


Hyperspectral imager



The most frequently used frameworks are presented below:




Where to use

The spheres, where CV plays the crucial part, are




Indicator converting

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