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With 2.6 billion video gamers across the globe, the opportunities for game industry have never been greater. In the past, creating video games reduced to writing a simple code so that a game would fit within the boundaries of a very limited memory – that means that interactions and graphics were not so sophisticated. Nonetheless, as technology advanced, so did the game industry. In these days, the latter is also focused at defining UI (user interactions), ensuring UE (user engagement) and increasing enjoyment tied directly to the success of the game. Game design and development became a very sophisticated process, which requires the involvement of many highly qualified engineers, game designers, artists and managers. And we are here to help.

Video Game design and development
Video Game Design & Development

Technologies and Tools, That Are Used by Us for Computer Game Design and Development for Windows and macOS

Our game development team utilizes cut-of-the-edge tools and technologies, develops visually attractive and responsive games to keep the gamer engaged. Sevreality – is a full service game development company for all key game developments, be it Windows or Mac, Android or IOS. We provide end-to-end game development, or we can also work on some parts of a game, everything depending on the customer needs.

The main services provided by Sevreality include the following:

  • 2D and 3D video game development and design
  • Android & IOS gaming applications
  • Core and casual game designing
  • Cross-platform game applications

Technologies and Tools That Are Used by Us for Full Video Game Development and Production

Among the tremendous scope of game development tools, our game development agency has fixed on:

  • Unreal Engine
  • Unity
  • Godot Engine
  • Gamemaker Studio
  • Monogame

Video Game Development Solutions

Skills and Expertise of Our Team

We have the ability to bring ideas & games to life. With the support of our game development team and technical professionals who are specialized in 2D and 3D video game development and design for Windows, Mac, Android, as well as IOS, we develop and implement original conceptions that turn each gaming process into amusing and enjoyable experience.

Our main slogan is “a customer is in the center of everything”. And this tells all about us. The goal of our work is always to make profit for our customers and to make them proud of us and the products we create. Our team consists of professionals of the highest quality and expertise, thus you will never be disappointed by the job we do.

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