Mobile game development outsourcing

    Mobile game development outsourcing

    Because games on the smartphone are becoming more popular and in demand, already famous and new companies are trying to create more content and introduce new ideas and developments. Every year there are more and more gaming companies, and there is more competition. Therefore, everyone is trying to find new approaches or opportunities to advance their activities. ServReality can help you with mobile game development outsourcing. Outsourcing is a service that can replace your team or one professional worker for smooth operation or more professional intervention. With the help of these services, you can forget about searching and hiring your team, which will be more time and money-consuming, but also bring new technologies that will complement the existing knowledge and game structure.

    About us

    Our company started its work in 2013 in Kyiv, Ukraine. And for all this time, it has recruited more than a hundred professionals and specialists in various areas of development and design. ServReality specializes in AR/VR, game development, and AI, where we have completed over 200 projects in multiple fields. With such a great experience and clientele, we introduce new technologies and equipment every year and study new directions to improve the quality of work. That is why our mobile game development outsourcing company guarantees perfect results, excellent service, and long-term product support.

    How to outsource, and what will be the result?

    If you want to use outsourcing services for the first time, then you need to know the main types of this activity. It is essential information because, depending on your resources, time, and readiness for the result, we will learn how to work with you.

    Complete mobile game development

    It means an outsourcing company handles the whole game development process, and your contribution to the project will be minimal. This model is most suitable for those who, having a main project, want to take on another with few resources and staff. You will need an idea and basic requirements, which the company's specialists will turn into a game on the phone.

    Team development

    If you need more resources, people, or money to support additional permanent employees, then collaboration is for you. In this model, you hire a team of our specialists, and they team up with your employees. The team must combine knowledge, techniques, and equipment for the result to match the planned and be done on time. The most important thing is understanding each other's work styles to achieve results. This option is more suitable for those new to this business and needs more professionals in different development parts.


    What services do we provide?

    ServReality specializes in the development of mobile games for any platform:

    • Android. We create gaming software with gorgeous graphics available for Android smartphones.
    • iOS. We use state-of-the-art technology to create superior games for iPhones.
    • Cross-platform development. We will ensure that your game works equally well on any of the above platforms.

    Each operating system has characteristics that must be considered when creating program code. Our specialists can create mobile games available on one of them or both. It all depends on your budget and idea.

    What tools do we use?

    Our experts use almost all tools and engines to create a mobile application. Among the most popular engines are:

    • Unreal;
    • Vulcan;
    • Unity;
    • Godot and others.

    Our specialists have profound knowledge of C++. Java, Python, JavaScript, Kotlin, Swift, Objective C, Android SDK, Android NDK, etc. So, you can order mobile game development outsourcing services and create thoughtful software with beautiful graphics and convenient functionality. You can order game development from scratch or involve our specialists to solve specific problems when your specialists need more skills or time.

    Thanks to the above tools and skills, our specialists can:

    • develop a project for a future game;
    • create visual and sound effects;
    • write program code;
    • perform comprehensive testing to ensure that the finished product can perform the functions for which it was created.

    Our knowledge and skills are enough to create a competitive mobile game that will appeal to users and bring you a stable income.


    Benefits of cooperation with our company

    You can contact our specialists if you need to outsource mobile game development and are looking for a reliable provider of such services. Cooperation with our company has a large number of advantages, among the most important are:

    • All tasks and goals that you set for our team will be done perfectly, thanks to qualified employees;
    • We carefully monitor the timing so that all deadlines will be met;
    • Our team is motivated, has many years of experience, and clear discipline thanks to teamwork;
    • We have completed successful projects under our leadership;
    • ServReality is responsible for its products, so in case of overlays and any problems, there is a 100% money back;
    • All our employees sign NDA, so your business and assets are protected.

    Using our services, you can be sure that your game will have the best features and codes that will raise it among other mobile games, and our post-release support will hone the game to its best condition.

    What do we get as a result?

    Mobile game development outsourcing is now more in demand than ever, so you can find many different options in the professional market. Our company provides various models of work depending on your needs and requirements. We also work with the latest technologies and developments, so our work styles will always be in line with trends.

    You can learn more about our services and consult on solving your questions on our website. Our partners and reviews will let you understand our seriousness and responsibility in working with clients. Therefore, by choosing our specialists, you will get the desired result.



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