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Deep Learning is developed to handle a large number of the dataset, to observe prototypes, and provide precise results. Technology Deep Learning is the subdivision of Machine Learning, but it possesses different functions and capabilities to deal with data. Deep Learning belongs to the sphere of artificial intelligence. The main goal is to examine the data and the results without human intervention by the machine.

The aspects of deep learning engineering such as sensory web-connected links and repetitive neural networks have been applied to the spheres containing:

computer vision
sound recognition
natural language handling
public network management
computerized translation
medicine forming
game layouts
data processing
business strategy and analysis

ServReality offers different set of services except Dl, and ML,that covers VR/AR development,Artificial  intelligence solutions and various aspects of game development.

Deep Learning services and solutions suggested by our company are the following:

  • Picture Info Classification

Our service picture recognition prototype can identify the data attribute out of the pictures for the detailed investigation.

  • Object Detection in pictures

The ServReality object detection prototype suggests clients the service to determine the data attribute in the picture, namely the size, shape, form, and face.

  • Natural Language Processing

Our experts are capable of suggesting price-effective Deep Learning solutions and reliable for the core.

Thanks to our professional Native Language experience and Artificial intelligence technology, we are ready to provide a productive user experience, data and service solutions that help to be more engaged in the project formation.

  • Disruptive hi-tech

Our experts are capable of suggesting price-effective Deep Learning solutions and reliable for the core.

Advantages and solutions of technology Deep Learning for a business process:

Service to arrange the flexible systems
Specialized artificial algorithm for problem-solving
Capability to automate the error-elimination by a machine
Possibility to save costs
Real-time high-quality picture and data handling
Optical symbol recognition
Intellectual Video examination
Artificial Intelligence
Natural Language Processing
Deep integration with hardware

Machine learning VS Deep learning

Deep Learning is a specific type of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Deep Learning networks can be enhanced and upgraded as the volume of the data. In technology Machine Learning, the expert should select the data elements and solutions to arrange pictures. In Deep Learning, the element removal is done automatically without human involvement. This is quite profitable and convenient for business sphere.

Functions of Deep Learning

Common functions of Deep Learning as particular field of artificial intelligence and as a kind of service are the following:

Recognize Faces
Read human-written symbols and wording
Identify speech
Interpret speech and sounds
Computer gaming
Manage the artificial self-driving machines

Deep Learning Development

ServReality is one of the companies, which service is to organize and to handle the deep learning development as a complete subdivision of artificial intelligence. It includes constructing and maintenance with the deep sensory links, employing the most acceptable platforms and languages and dealing with the most essential issues and data.

Deep Neural Networks

Artificial neural networks are the automated structures motivated by the biological sensory web chains that create an animal mind. The given systems find out to perform tasks, checking the patterns, data, with no specialized programming. For business this feature guarantees the success of deal.

The deep neural network is a subgroup of the artificial sensory web chains with various layers at the beginning(input)and the end (output).

This type of neural networks marks the proper mathematical guidance to convert the input into the output. The network alerts its position by means of crossing through the layers. Deep neural networks may compose complicated non-linear connections. In most situations, they usually direct the networks, where the data is transferred between the layers without feedbacks.

Repetitive neural networks are the set of connections, where the data is transferred in any direction, is typically applied for language planning.

Technologies Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Neural Networks serve as the methods of machine learning-formed solutions to fix the problems and check the data. In company ServReality we are suggesting deep learning support and service where the client may consult with the experts about

  • CV application
  • Chatbot development
  • Healthcare diagnostic systems
  • Analysis of a stock market, business, data

Machine learning and other improved artificial intelligence technologies are applied in cooperative situations and services where the developers and machines interact simultaneously to manage the data.

Some systems display doubtful behavior while classifying some known and unknown images according to the sorts. The problematic is primarily correlated with the inherent illustrations. Deep learning’s latest development technology focuses on the given issues.

Thanks to the advances formed in this field of artificial intelligence, our company will become more competent in the technology and provides the high-quality services, find more relevant project and business and data solutions.

The most popular platforms for DL are introduced below:

Eclipse Deeplearning4j
Apache PredictionIO

The next languages are used for technology Deep Learning, as the form of Machine Learning:


Deep Learning development environment

The crucial part of the Deep Learning development serves the environment. The environment is formed by the applied software. In our company, some mixed software and solutions, data arrangement may be provided for the clients to continue Deep Learning development. They are the following:

Visual Studio

ServReality guarantees for the clients the good service, the instantaneous support and consulting, the best product and effective solutions of technology Deep Learning, becoming a good business partner.

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