Game development outsourcing

    Game development outsourcing

    Interest in computer games is growing at a tremendous speed. A considerable number of people around the world cannot imagine their lives without this hobby, and many have turned it into their profession. Even though many games are on the market, many are developing new projects, as they have innovative ideas on how to make this industry even better. Our team is engaged in game development outsourcing. Our specialists are at your service if you create a new project and need a development team.

    How is development going?

    Developing a new project is highly complex and requires specific knowledge and skills. First, you need to consider the story, on which platform it will be available, and many other points. The better you think through everything to the smallest detail, the easier it will be for our developers to bring your idea to life.

    Next up are the designers. They design character art and the world. It requires excellent creativity from specialists. Sound effects also need to be considered. Usually, at this stage, there is active work with the client, who must tell his preferences and approve the layouts that the designer will offer.

    Now you can start developing the program code. It would be best if you immediately thought about which engine your game will run on. The choice depends on the platform, the availability of 3D models, and other aspects.

    In parallel with writing the code, it is necessary to conduct testing, which allows you to immediately identify the slightest bugs, which means that they can be fixed in time. After the development is completed, it is necessary to conduct comprehensive testing to understand how users will like your product and identify the slightest errors.


    What services does our company offer?

    ServReality is a company that specializes in outsourcing game development. What does it mean? Developing a computer game involves designers, developers, business analysts, marketers, advertisers, managers, and many other specialists. Hiring a large development team makes no sense if you have a single game development project, and hiring an outsourcing team is financially more profitable.

    Also, if you have a large project and your specialists do not have time to submit the project on time, or they lack the qualifications, you can hire one or more outsource game developers, which will allow you to solve some issues, release the project to the world and save a lot of money.

    What games do we develop?

    Today there is a massive variety of types of games. In our company, you can outsource game development for such projects.


    It will be good if your game is available on different platforms – PCs, smartphones, Xbox, or consoles. The point of such projects is that you can start to play on any device you have. In this case, it will have one shared community. This approach makes your product more versatile, which means it can attract more customers.

    Video games

    Today there are over 2.6 billion video gamers across the globe, and the number continues to grow. Today, this industry is developing at a tremendous speed and showing incredible results. Our experts will help you become a part of this global world.

    Smartphone games

    Many people today prefer to play on their smartphones because it is convenient and straightforward. From the point of view of developing such a game, it is much easier because the game only needs to work on two platforms – Android and iOS. It makes the development of such projects much faster. Our experts will help to develop the layout of such a game and bring your most daring ideas to life.

    NFT game development and crypto games

    Interest in blockchain is growing at a tremendous rate. Initially, it was created for the financial sector, but today it is an integral part of the gaming industry. Our experts will help you create P2E games where people can earn NFTs or tokens. It is a revolution in the world of computer games because many players dreamed of turning their hobby into an opportunity to make money, and only a few cyber-sportsmen managed to do it. Blockchain allows everyone to earn income from their favorite game.

    3D or 2D

    Interest in virtual reality is growing at a tremendous speed today. Over the past few years, this direction has made a giant leap forward, which has allowed the creation of unrealistically realistic worlds. Our experts will help you create 3D games with a virtual reality that will become incredibly popular worldwide.

    If your project's budget does not allow you to create 3D projects or you are afraid that the audience will be too small (not everyone can afford to buy consoles), then you should pay attention to 2D games.

    What engines do we use?

    To create a perfect video game, choose the most suitable engine. Our specialists work with the following platforms:

    • Turbulenz. It is ideal for creating 3D effects;
    • Cocos2d-x. It allows games to run much faster and supports automatic batch processing, automatic culling, and caching conversion.
    • Unity 3D. It is one of the most popular engines because the development cost is much lower than that of similar programs. Suitable for creating 2D and 3D games.
    • Unreal. It allows you to create stunning visual effects, which is very good for projects for VR. It has many features, allowing you to create an excellent product.
    • MonoGame. It allows you to create the fastest video game.

    As you can see, the engine choice directly depends on your project. Our experts will select the most suitable tool to realize your idea.


    Advantages of our company

    Our company was founded in 2013 and, during this time, has been able to implement many different projects. Today, more than 100 qualified employees work here, each of whom has specialized education and extensive experience in their field.

    Among the main advantages of outsourcing game development in our company are:

    • Excellent quality of the finished product;
    • Wonderful visual effects;
    • It is possible to improve all parameters, including performance;
    • Good support service;
    • You remain the sole owner of the program code.

    If you decide to cooperate with us, we sign a non-disclosure agreement under which you are the sole owner of the video game and intellectual property.

    Thus, if you want to cooperate with professionals who know precisely how to bring your idea to life, you can contact the specialists of our company. They will do everything possible to make your product appeal to the players and bring you big profits.



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