Becoming a dominant model of mutual, captivating, and visibly attractive practice, VR hi-tech transform 3D characters in real size. VR hi-tech is still leading in the sphere of game. The growth of VR game generation is obvious and requires new investments. ServReality makes customers immerse themselves in the world of the artificial universe, supporting the formation of games with any feature, platform.

The reasons the client requires the company

  • To spend the time in the game industry efficiently.
  • To communicate with the professionals who arranges the connection between projects and VR hi-tech.
  • To get the users involved in the virtual universe.
  • To achieve a good ROI (Return on Investment).
  • To have an appropriate audience by supplying them an exclusive game practice.

VR pros in game development

  • Being a part of the new unreal world
  • Being physically-active
  • Practicing new high techs
  • High compatibility on the market
  • Effective budget use
  • Flexibility in changes

Technologies, tools for VR formation

The used programming languages are C++, C#, Java, and C.

The software ServReality team works with

Supported bases are the following: PC, Mac, Nintendo, Windows, iOS, Android, PlayStation.


VR game development cost

A price depends on the planning of the project, research & develop, game design (360 camera, multi-dimensional graphics, photorealistic content), project features (geolocation, dashboards, and social media links), operating system and platform preferences.

Skills of ServReality

ServReality suggests such services for the clients:

  • VR generation, design
  • Management of hardware for projects
  • Economic creation
  • Publishing of VR games in stores
  • Porting of VR game to different bases

Our team provides another set of services for users such as

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