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    Let us build immersive VR experiences from the ground up and drive digital innovation

    The popularity of online gaming and esports is booming. Being the world’s favorite form of entertainment, the gaming industry generated more revenue than ever before. Moreover, the growth of innovative products, including Google Cardboard and Oculus Rift, has pushed a great number of businesses to deliver their audience a uniquely immersive brand experience. Now is the time to offer entertainment models into your business to prepare for the shifts in workflows and training by making the VR gaming experience more ubiquitous. Once you have decided that virtual reality game development software is going to fuel your business activity, it’s then time to get technical by developing VR games.

    VR Game Creation

    Who We are

    We at ServReality have over 10 years of experience in developing games for VR. Our team is comprised of experienced and passionate specialists with strong expertise in developing VR games in unity. Our programmers’ versatility and commitment to turning innovative ideas into successful VR games have established a well-deserved reputation in the IT industry. Not only do our software engineers work closely with the clients to deliver an engaging and interactive experience, but they also do their best to design original VR environments users can’t help falling in love with. With high graphical quality virtual reality games development, our team produces a user-friendly interface that takes the users to the world of imagination and eludes them of reality. Only by adopting the latest technologies when programming VR games can we help our clients drive the digital revolution process from game ideation to visualization and delivery through robust VR technologies.


    Specializing in virtual reality technology, we at ServReality help our clients gain access to an engaging and immersive experience. Striving to develop games for VR, we apply a holistic approach combined with broad knowledge to meet all of our client’s business needs.

    • Educational games
    • Serious VR games
    • Entertainment VR games
    • Gamification


    • Unity
    • Unreal Engine
    • C#
    • C++
    • DirectX
    • OpenGL
    • Ogre


    Discover our games driven by VR technology from concept & design to implementation

    • VR Astronauts: With this VR-equipped game, users are able to explore what lies beyond our planet. Not only can kids become virtual astronauts when blasting off into space, but they can also visualize cosmic objects near and far, explore the Solar System and discover some of the space’s greatest facts.

    • VR Doctors: With this VR-powered game, students can step inside the human body. Not only can they inspect all the organs and tissues, but they should find out the disease. Moreover, they can get targeted views of specific organs and read all the essential information about them.

    • VR Fitness: With this VR-powered fitness game, users are estimated their fitness age and calorie burn. Based on that information, the length and intensity of workouts are set up to reach the desired results. Being in a virtual aerobics class, a coach always cheers you on through the sports journey.


    The increased growth of the game industry pushes more and more businesses to developing engaging and interactive VR-based games. Thanks to virtual reality technology, companies not only can simplify the life of their employees or build skills required for another position but also deliver more interactive training opportunities or help with making social connections. In addition to that, people get to share memories with one another. Having that in mind, VR game development software aims to provide a great experience that will be memorable for them. However, without proper planning and a well-versed team of software engineers, programming VR games is harder to achieve. Only by using our expertise in VR game development can we leverage innovative technologies to come up with user-friendly and interactive VR gaming solutions. With our experience in the VR gaming industry, we do our best to make them easily scalable and integrable so that companies can easily adapt them into their business processes.


    What is virtual reality game development?

    Virtual reality game development or VR game development is a process of creating a game that is immersive and offers the simulation of 3D spaces.

    How virtual reality games are made?

    Creating VR games is much more akin to making a computer game. However, it might involve software engineers, technical project managers, sound experts who can apply a comprehensive approach and innovative technologies to turn any idea into a successful VR-powered game.

    What programming language is used for virtual reality?

    The following technologies including Unity, Unreal Engine, C#, C++, DirectX, OpenGL, Ogre are utilized to create virtual reality.

    Is VR programming hard?

    Unfortunately, it’s not an easy task to create a VR game. Not only should you have an extensive background in computer programming, but you should be well versed in VR development.


    If you have any questions or face tough challenges that require the right consulting partner, our team of experts are here to help you. When collaborating with our best specialists, you can find answers to your questions. Not only can you schedule a call, but you can also drop us a line if you are considering developing a VR game and need to know how to make it work. Start your VR game journey with ServReality!



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