Blockchain development outsourcing

    Blockchain development outsourcing

    Blockchain technology is popular in a variety of industries today. As a result, more and more business participants are looking for a skilled team that can implement the tasks profitably and quickly.

    Do you want to build a network that can easily cope with the challenges of project realization? Do you want to outsource your development urgently? Contact our company! We will bring to life all the best ideas blockchain development outsourcing that you generated.

    We are a corporation that has been a market leader for years. Our products are decentralized NFT projects, crypto-exchanges, dApps programs, and other valuable solutions.

    During the whole period of our activity, our specialists have gained tremendous experience in creating universal, original projects based on cryptosystems. Now we have more than 100 successful startups under our belt. More and more customers trust us to create functional platforms and the most complex developments.

    The services that we provide

    Our company provides outsourced development services for multi-purpose blockchain solutions and software systems. We are happy to help start-ups and experienced business participants with optimal automation tasks. Customers can benefit from our security, universal, and decentralized projects that are well integrated with today's most common environments and systems. At the customer's service:

    • decentralized applications for users, including perfectly secured dApps that manage a distributed computing environment that ensures successful competition in the marketplace;
    • smart contracts using the most common blockchain resources, including Bitcoin, Tezos, Hyperledger, ERC, EOS, etc.;
    • crypto-exchanges with limited, well-secured access;
    • providing secure transactions involving cryptocurrencies;
    • creation of functionality participating in the development of crypto-tokens through IEO, IDO, ICO, STO based blockchain outsourcing, or similar custom resources;
    • developing and maintaining virtual applications responsible for cryptocurrency storage and transactions involving it;
    • creation of the best solutions to expand your meta-universe;
    • promotion of NFT technologies and trading platforms;
    • implementation of individual solutions - applications and protocols oriented to the needs of specific areas of your business.

    We adapt our outsource blockchain development to our client's business ideas. Our specialists have extensive experience in creating and promoting the most popular solutions. 


    Why outsourced blockchain development is needed?

    Blockchain is a modern, forward-looking trend. It is best suited to start projects with particular security, reliability, decentralization, and openness requirements.

    The main advantage of blockchain is its multi-functionality. A project that is built to such standards will be reliable in a variety of environments and industries. However, think of something other than outsourcing blockchain development as an all-in-one mechanism. The use of such tools would be appropriate if:

    • there is the permanence of historical information;
    • key data will not be subsequently corrected or destroyed;
    • there must be communication between several participants without intermediaries;
    • absolute or partial openness of the project is required;
    • identification of all parties who participate in the transaction will be required;
    • requires a decentralized registry demanding complex server solutions.

    There must currently be no one-size-fits-all method for creating a blockchain. Therefore, full development would demand complex, original approaches.    

    Stages of blockchain project creation

    Our qualified developers carry out blockchain outsourcing in several stages:

    1. Strategy development. Once the raw data has been analyzed, specialists identify the main patterns and trends. These are then compared with the customer's wishes, creating a final concept.
    2. Goal setting. Our experts develop an action plan and determine how much time will be needed to implement each stage.
    3. Creation of software elements by the previously developed plan.
    4. Testing the completed software using the most efficient, comprehensive methods. This stage allows for removing any inaccuracies and bugs in the software product and bringing it to the finished form.

    We carry out the most ambitious turnkey projects and help promote completed data chains on an outsourced basis.


    Why do customers want to work with us?

    Developing blockchain technology is a complex task. More and more business owners want to entrust such projects to professionals. Our company offers blockchain development outsourcing of excellent quality. We have the following advantages over our competitors:

    1. Highly customer-oriented. We always consider the customer’s wishes when developing any solutions. Therefore, your preferences will undoubtedly be considered during the preliminary market analysis and during all stages of development outsourcing.
    2. Reasonable cost of services. The company's employees announce the project's price to the customer only after all the disagreements are resolved. As a result, our clients know in advance about all necessary payments on the project.
    3. The work of specialists with the proper knowledge and experience. Our executives skilfully apply well-tested methods, as well as new practical strategies.

    We invite everyone who is interested in a good design and fast implementation of his or her project to work with us.



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