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ServReality is one of the few AR development companies which is able to provide a high-qualified service for the customers, create a reliable Augmented Reality software and applications using the modern technologies, platforms and programming languages.

The application of AR in clients’ output must possess a comfortable design and the limitations of the technology platform. An AR product depends on the involvement of users and the interconnection between the future consumer and the structure. The design of Augmented Reality makes the acceptance of the virtual reality easier. For the majority of AR products, almost the same design instructions should be followed. They are:

Surrounding design

The surrounding design concentrates on the last client’s physical environment, geographical position, and availability which can have a great impact on the AR process. The design experts must be aware of the hypothetical physical schemes the last client can be in. They might be:

Private, where the consumer can wear the product.

Intimate, where the consumer is motionless.

Personal, where the consumer uses the mobile device in the public place.

Public/ common, where the consumer’s body participates in connection with AR software.

By checking out any physical scheme, future safety risks may be avoided and alerts can be created to encourage the user’s involvement. The AR designers should predict each user’s movements in order to interpret the reaction of the interface on them.

It is also important to take into consideration that the effectiveness of AR depends on the geographical position and environment components. Some of them may prevent the client involvement into the Augmented Reality technology. Another sphere of surrounding design, contains the creation of arrangement functionality and its capacity to notice the user’s demands.

Interconnection design

The interconnection design in Augmented Reality focuses on  user’s immersion within the final product to enhance the client experience and enjoyment. The principal aim of the interconnection design is to avoid the embarrassment of users by systematizing the information provided. User input is very important for the user’s interconnection, that’s why the engineers should facilitate the controlling systems for the clients. They must be understandable and available.

The most popular technique to develop the usability of apps is by searching the commonly visited zones in the user’s touch display and create the application to correspond with the zones of the rule. The most inspiring aspect of AR technology is the possibility to apply the 3D realm.

Visual design

Visual design is the emergence of application, which attracts the audience. To advance the graphic internal components and consumer’s interconnection, AR experts should use the visual hints to provide the guidance for the users what design is done and how to handle the application.

Software and algorithms

The key purpose of all Augmented Reality structures is how pragmatically they assimilate augmentations with the actual environment. The software should receive coordinates from camera pictures. The image registration applies different kinds of machine vision. The first stage of vision is the discovery of particular markers or visible stream in camera. The second stage is the reconstruction of the data that is given before.


AR Markup Language is the norm of information created in the Open Geospatial Consortium, which contains XML grammar for the geographical position and the emergence of objects, ECMAScript connections for providing the dynamic approach to virtual things.

The most popular programming languages for augmented reality development are the following:



Visual development tools




AR development platforms

It must be taken into account that the game generators Unity and Unreal Engine have been developing AR graphics technology for many years. In addition, the frameworks for setting up AR on networks, mobile and different platforms should not be ignored. Below are presented some dominant platforms which make AR software progress effectively and quickly:

Apple ARKit

Google ARCore

Facebook AR Studio

Snapchat Lens Studio

Amazon Sumerian






Testing AR Software

Our team generates your software product and satisfy all the user’s needs. For this target, we should determine the environment the product will be applied. This will provide the possibilities to test the AR project capabilities:

Our team generates your software product and satisfy all the user’s needs. For this target, we should determine the environment the product will be applied. This will provide the possibilities to test the AR project capabilities:

Examination of surfaces at different light levels

Identification of objects as supplementary surfaces and their interconnection with holograms

Testing of all AR features and hardware characteristics

Performance of security test

AR app development cost

The price of AR Development software and apps is usually based on the clients’ features requested by the end customer.

Augmented Reality devices

AR devices can be:


Smart Glasses









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