Virtual reality development outsourcing

    Virtual reality development outsourcing

    Many people in business today are looking for an opportunity to take their product to a fundamentally new level to attract more investors and customers and leave their main competitors far behind. The use of innovative technologies helps to solve this problem. Companies from different industries have already appreciated the benefits of virtual reality development outsourcing. Perhaps it's your turn.

    Developing applications with VR allows you to visualize better what your company is doing and engage potential clients in your services, which means you can get additional profit. The specialists of our company can bring any of your ideas to life and surprise you with fantastic visual effects.

    What industries use VR?

    VR can be used in almost all industries. Although this technology has appeared relatively recently, it has already managed to find its methods of use in such industries:

    • Computer games;
    • Advertising;
    • Health care;
    • Real estate;
    • Education;
    • Travel and more.

    The use of VR in computer games has taken this industry to a new level. Today, users can plunge headlong into the gameplay and get the most out of a realistic picture.

    The primary purpose of advertising is to surprise potential clients and make them remember the brand. What can do better than VR? The modern possibilities of this technology are awe-inspiring; if you can give sincere childish delight to potential clients, you can be sure that they will buy your product.

    VR can be used in a safe environment for advanced diagnostics, patient management, monitoring, and doctor education. It allows us to bring the healthcare sector to a new level and solve many problems.

    Thanks to VR, you no longer need to drive potential buyers through unfinished houses and convince them to invest in your project. You can create a virtual reality where the project is ready for delivery and show how it will look in a few months. This technology can also be effective if you are in the rental business.

    If you want to take your business to the next level and have an unusual idea, you should order outsourcing virtual reality development. Our experts will help you realize your project quickly and with fantastic visual effects.


    Why is it better to order outsourcing services?

    If you want to create your project using social reality, you have 2 ways – hire developers on staff or order an outsourcing team.

    Virtual reality outsourcing in our company has a large number of advantages:

    • High speed of software development;
    • Decreased personnel costs;
    • There is access to a pool of talented and experienced developers;
    • Higher quality of the product.

    If you order virtual reality development outsourcing, you will get a high-quality product exceeding all our expectations.

    Our services

    The specialists of our company perform the complete cycle of software development, from project planning to coding and training. You can order an entire development cycle from us or hire several specialists to help your specialists solve complex problems.

    Our designers and developers represent highly skilled work in the service sector:

    • Production of 3D data;
    • Software for VR and application creation;
    • Hardware implementation.

    In our work, we use 2 types of engines – Unity and Unreal. Our specialists help create excellent 3D and three-dimensional mobile and gaming effects.

    Our specialists are engaged in creating 3D apps for Android and iOS and are also involved in cross-platform development.

    3D game development

    Developing a 3D game is a fairly complex process involving character design and game environment, sound effects, and gameplay. Our specialists have extensive experience developing such games, so they can implement any, even the most daring, idea.

    Our services also include the creation of a captivating presentation, which can later be used to attract investors, advertise, or for other purposes.

    VR software development

    Our experts are constantly implementing VR, AR, mixed reality, and artificial intelligence technologies to help businesses keep up with the times.

    Our developers can create for you:

    • Apps of VR;
    • Apps of AR;
    • 3D VR apps, virtual tours (video 360 degrees).

    These apps will help you take your business to the next level, attract more customers and investors, and make your firm competitive.


    Advantages of our company

    ServReality is a large IT company specializing in virtual reality development outsourcing since 2013. We have implemented hundreds of projects and gathered a large staff of highly qualified, experienced specialists during our work. Among the main advantages of cooperation with our company are:

    • Orientation to the client. Our specialists will carefully study all your wishes and do everything to bring them to life.
    • Excellent visual effects. Using the right tools and extensive experience, our experts create beautiful visuals that exceed customer expectations.
    • Efficient cost allocation. Ordering services for outsourcing allows you to save and more effectively manage software development costs. Before we start cooperation, our specialists will name the exact price and terms of the work and will not go beyond this.

    Cooperating with high-class professionals, you can be sure you will get an excellent result. Thanks to our vast experience and the use of suitable tools, our specialists can realize your idea in the shortest possible time and, at the same time, do not ask for a hefty fee for their services. We carefully listen to customers' wishes and offer new, unusual solutions to help make the product even better and more enjoyable for a potential user.



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