When Designing Games: AR Against VR
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    When Designing Games: AR Against VR

    VR and AR gaming development is not the same since VR gaming requires a separate room or confined area to develop an immersive environment whilst AR gaming uses the real environment and creates a playing field within this environment. Can you name any other features that distinguishes VR from AR in terms of design? First of all, games that run on VR require specialized hardware, for instance, VR headsets, but you can in most cases, play augmented reality games on any modern smartphones, tablets and portable gaming devices. These are the fields where you have mostly to learn by experimenting. AR technology is widely used in mobile development.  There are apps that run only on iOS or Android, and the cross-platform versions running on a unified platform, supporting robust motion tracking and localization for devices with RGB cameras only. In terms of AR framework, there are possible ways:
    • Develop for a glass like HoloLens,
    • Use ARKit to develop AR apps for iOS.
    • Use ARCore to develop an app for an Android phone.
    • Use Vuforia, the classic marker-based for AR.
    The Virtual Reality, in its turn, is commonly used in PC and desktop games, but it’s still a common matter in the mobile world. C++ with Unreal Engine or Unity are the best tools for that type. By the way, HoloLens and Oculus have robust SKDs for Unity. Needless to add, today, the mixed reality, the advanced version of gaming reality (gathers the features of both) is expected to soon replace AR and VR. In mixed reality, a combination of different tools and technologies are used, including Unity, Unreal Engine,  C# & C++, Vuforia, and Blueprints.
    Key Takeaways With AR and VR technology becoming a boom, there are solid differences regarding game development. AR superimposes the media on the real world or creates layers of digital data over the existing world that you can watch by means of any iOS or Android devices. Meanwhile, VR sends the player into an entirely different virtual environment. Is there that we’ve missed? Please feel free to add in the comments below.



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