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    10 examples of using AR in marketing

    Augmented Reality experience. A large influence AR has on a commercial field, in particular on marketing, business, and advertising. AR technology is already well-known among either huge companies or small shops. The advantages Augmented Reality may produce are effective to attract audience attention. In this case, attention means the growth of customers and simultaneously the success of the business process.

    5 advantages of Augmented Reality development for marketing

    • A technology is exclusive and attractive
    Nowadays there are a lot of possibilities to cause the clients’ amusement and make overwhelming advertising and marketing for providing them something unique the competitors don’t have yet. Dealing with the instant commercial. The sharing of info about the product primarily impacts on the abrupt growth of customers and business.
    • Personalization in Augmented Reality
    AR gives more chances to make something exclusive and to share personal qualities than an ordinary media content system.
    • The quality of content
    Augmented Reality provides the professional instruments to form the content for users, which they can’t produce before.
    • Interactivity keeps the attention
    A trend of entertainment AR is still at the highest point. The interesting content stimulates the users to be constantly engaged in the apps.

    The cases of Augmented Reality application

    Some companies require an easy-to-use app, which advances and implement new technology in their marketing development. For this reason, below are presented 10 examples of Augmented Reality programs, apps, and tools, which serve productively for the marketing sphere.
    • A multifunctional platform Augment.
    Augment is a universal platform for AR business, marketing and trade apps. The app Augment allows the clients to create trackers and overlay models of the product in the real world. This simple concept makes the Augment app’s performance perfect and available for any kind of project. Siemens is an international technology company and one of the largest producers of electronics and engineering. Earlier the company implements advertising booths, but they don’t provide enough technical characteristics. Now Siemens cooperates with the Augment marketing platform to make their products available and clear concerning the technical support. There is no doubt, that the app Augment can solve any problem.
    • Augmented Reality app for advertising and marketing of movies and educating campaigns
    This advanced US-based AMC (set of movie theaters) AR app allows hiding and representing the movie posters, trailers, and actors’ info exclusively for a particular client. It suggests buying the tickets easily. The innovation replaces a tradition for the customers to walk through the lobby and looking at the posters while expecting an upcoming movie. Another case of the Augmented Reality marketing use is Spielberg’s movie poster ‘Ready Player One’. This campaign has AR that’s why people may scan the image by Facebook and view the specialized 3d content. The company Disney applies the Augmented Reality development technology for the coloring books marketing campaign It attracts the younger audience and transfer them in the different entertaining dimensions. The coloring books are changeable and mobile. As for company BIC and their ‘Kid Drawybook”, the goal of this marketing campaign is the child creative development by the application of modern digital devices. The children color the pictures and these images come alive through AR by scanning them with the app.
    • Augmented Reality development technology use in the sphere of service
    US postal service is one of the first organizations to set up the online tracking and shipment formation, create their website with convenient online functions.  They also start working on Augmented Reality marketing. The app USPS gives the possibility to receive congratulations for holidays, to scan mailboxes and to order necessary stuff for sending letters. This marketing innovation brings joy and fun to the postal routine. Starbucks applies innovative technologies to let the customers pay for their order. The marketing campaign ‘Everylove on Every Cup’ uses the Starbucks app to scan the cups and receives the love congratulations for St. Valentine’s Day and the chance to purchase the Starbucks cards. The shopping marketing app created by IBM allows the purchasers to examine the products in the stores and applies AR to demonstrate info about the product and the bonus points. Due to Augmented Reality technology, the IBM app may categorize the items according to the features of the digestion preference system set by the client. When the client directs the camera on cookies, the app will determine the item qualities and how it fits the ordinary meal.
    • Augmented Reality for marketing use, sales and business
    The company Simmons, which is popular with its orthopedic mattresses, applies the AR to inform the clients about the variety of the products, the system of discounts, and the centers of trade.  The buyers can direct their smartphones to know about the details and the advantages of the suggested products. The company IKEA designs the Augmented Reality marketing use app to allow the customers to place the products in their homes and find out they choose the appropriate furniture. The current version of the app can take images of the products in reality. It may direct the audience to search for similar items in the IKEA stores. This is a good case of using AR to create an effective experience for the buyers. Zara is the company- expert in fast fashion. They replace the ordinary window displays and the figures with the models and the product shows, which may be only viewed by the Zara marketing app with the Augmented Reality functions. while shopping in such stores, the buyers can observe the unreal catwalk and the product demonstrations. The models wear Zara clothes and pose for the clients. The presentation of the product follows the user’s cart and retailing. The company Dulux created the marketing app, by which the client may visualize the home renovation including coloring, and refurnishing in real-time. It is also possible to choose the appropriate color schemes, make the screenshots and consult with other experts about it. Moreover, Dulux provides its service instrument for the clients in the painted sphere.
    • Augmented Reality for the weather prediction and the forecasts
    Nowadays the weather forecasters apply the AR app Max Reality (Weather Channel) to include the three-dimensional images to the news, showing animated kinds of precipitation (rain, storms, snow). The graphics of humidity and the traffic and temperature maps may be also observed during the weather program. This campaign helps the audience to be in trend and know about any change in weather conditions.
    • Makeup marketing with Augmented Reality
    The mirrors for the makeup produced by Augmented Reality become the principal function for many cosmetics retailers such as Sephora and Modiface. The app Modiface shows the peculiarities of makeup effects on the individual face and the side-effects of the skincare products on the person. Everyone knows that the choice of makeup cosmetics is a hard issue. Thus, it requires preliminary consideration and the test.  Modiface also suggests the imitation of the makeup with the chosen products and the use period of skincare. YouCam Makeup is the Augmented Reality product of the L’Oreal & Perfect Corp. companies’ partnership. The app allows people to use all makeup lines virtually and see the effects on the skin before purchasing. It gains popularity due to its 100% quality and effectiveness.
    • Implementation of Augmented Reality for the knowledge and the planet preservation
    As all business and trade experts know, the marketing goal is not always a profit or financial prosperity. It sometimes becomes a stimulator and good marketing move to improve the world. By applying Augmented Reality and other technology to show the reasons and experiences of what way they produce products, the advertisers want to help to keep the Earth. In Argentina, in Buenos Aires, the campaign, financed by the local government, applies the AR games to put the rubbish in the recycling bin. This activity has great success and makes the city almost has zero waste. Speaking about the planet learning, the app WWF Free Rivers AR gives the opportunity to immerse in nature and its peculiarities (landscapes, water sources, wildlife, people). Customers may go around, zoom the details and find the additional info about the interesting components.
    • Sport with AR
    Strava with Fitness Augmented Reality is the popular app, which deals with personal physical activity and its primary tracking (running, cycle riding, hiking). The API of the Strava may keep the data and provide the maps of a personal way. The app also suggests viewing all the passed paths and the new variants of them. The experience may be shared with the clients’ friends on social media.
    • Augmented Reality technology in cooperation with the brands
    Gucci is the current luxury brand, which adds the AR function in their app for the customers to try on shoes, which increases the level of marketing. Directing the smartphone down, the user may use 19 kinds of shoes. The buyers can take pictures to find out how the product looks in the real world. This feature may satisfy any client’s needs and stimulate sales. Adidas is one more brand, which develops the product promotion and marketing with AR. The company also practices the virtual try on. Applying the Snapchat application via lenses, the buyers may put the button with the logo and find all details about the precise shoes.
    • AR in the game practice
    Pokemon GO helps Augmented Reality technology become popular with geo-tagging, which place the Pokemon in the real world. In this connection, Sony Pictures company launches the AR games for the spreading of their Ghostbusters franchise. These cases demonstrate how successful the use of augmented reality technology in the field of marketing, business and advertising may bring good results. This hi-tech opens a variety of opportunities. Companies must begin to accept Augmented Reality as the new strategy to move customer involvement at any stage of the product formation.



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