Virtual events planning

Virtual reality for events is a powerful tool for personal brand promotion, concerts and conference organization. There is no doubt that hi-tech apps are effective for different spheres of industry, and can be used in such meetings and sessions:

  • games
  • branded practices
  • interactive tours and exhibitions
  • meeting
  • simulations
  • train experience
  • a tech-aimed session with interactive

Our ServReality developers created a virtual platform that allows us to create and develop products for VR events. The created VR events give the participants chance to:

  • promote their product using branding areas
  • speak with each other in VR world,
  • watch live performances by artists,
  • listen to speakers,
  • put likes on one another,
  • make photos and selfies,
  • make videos,
  • run and jump,
  • chat,
  • go through quests,

and many other virtual activities.

VR and AR event planning is quite an important and responsible issue. It can demonstrate the audience’s full experience of event presentation and deeply engage them in action without even visiting the show.

Our company ServReality provides the full set of VR event planning development services for our clients. The high quality of product development is guaranteed. Our specialists perform every creation task thoroughly at the request of the customers.

The benefits of using VR and AR event planning:

  • Easy conference organization moments (place of show, time and money keeping
  • Adequate keeping of free area
  • Attraction of viewers from all the world

The advantages of applying these immersive technologies are limitless. You should quickly consider our cooperation and bring your show ideas to life with our company ServReality. Virtual rooms with detailed environments and exclusive processing create an unbelievable effect of presence.

Full customization means that we are able to create a unique room with decorations, photo banners, brand points. Speaking of realism, the speaker of the presentation may be created as a 2D hologram or 3D avatar with a full emotional reaction, facial expressions. If you face the bugs or errors in the program, our specialists can help you at any time to correct everything you need or suggest the most effective solution to your question.

VR events are better than online because

  • wow-effect guaranteed
  • attendance at the meeting
  • new experience for the audience
  • no bothersome factors
  • In the form of video game
  • 3D product demonstration

In most cases, VR events are cheaper than real conferences. With VR, the customer may make their product popular, available. The audience grows bigger. VR or AR planning and event organization help to protect the surrounding environment, reduce CO2 emissions.

VR and AR event planning always requires the immersive content (360 video with the demonstration of clients’ conference area. Our specialists prepare unique immersive content in accordance with the client requirements, deadlines.

There are two formats of VR events: VR-online and VR-offline

Offline VR event

This format fits as an ordinary event, where all members are all together in one location and with virtual glasses, immersed into an unreal event. At this moment, the speaker, host, artists, and other responsible and necessary equipment may be placed remotely.

Online VR event

This format is more popular and relevant, when there are some limitations on mass events and no possibility to gather all participants together. For virtual events online all participants may be remote from each other, but be together in a virtual area, completely communicating with each other.

We are ready to create and develop VR events and planning in accordance with the clients wishes and requirements.

Augmented reality events don’t differ from virtual ones, but have almost the same set of useful features and benefits as virtual ones, except the level of virtuality.

Events AR is the best instrument to arrange multidimensional exhibitions and create fantastic output demos to cover as much of the audience as possible. Besides, customers may evaluate their potential goals and market strategy relying on info received from the show.

The specifications of speakers and listeners work during the VR event are the following:

Speakers should

  • be present in studio
  • show the presentation in the studio
  • run a presentation and answer questions
  • demonstrate any content, including 3D models


  • upload the app and wear virtual glasses
  • watch and listens to speakers, and ask questions
  • communicate with colleagues
  • change the location and interact with 3d models

Particularities of the format

  • It is recommended 1hour of session per day, with a maximum of three sessions per day.
  • 1-5 seconds signal delay from speakers to listeners
  • 100 MB/s internet . Standard home or office routers
  • VR glasses
  • development of avatars, details and decorations – from week till some months

Preparation and behavior of all event participants

  • Speaker comes to the studio with the specialized equipment, begins a show.
  • Participants get glasses, detailed guide on what to do during the presentation
  • Wearing glasses the user visits the conference where speakers demonstrate the show
  • QA session after a ceremony
  • hall with interactive board, have chance to communicate with other participants
  • Sound notifications help to organize the VR event before, during and after.
What is VR?
➢Virtual Reality (VR) is the use of computer technology to create a simulated environment.
What is AR?
➢AR is an interactive experience of a real-world environment where the objects that reside in the real world are enhanced by computer-generated perceptual information, sometimes across multiple sensory modalities, including visual, auditory, haptic, somatosensory and olfactory.
What are the most attention-worthy benefits VR and AR technologies could bring in events and planning industry?
➢They let people experience a potential venue without having to travel to it in person, thus saving valuable time and money. They let exhibition owners save lots of space. Just imagine, you don’t need to place dozens of trucks into the exhibition center, visitors can view and interact with them in a virtual way. They help attendees to engage with one another being in different parts of the world.
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