VR hi-tech is breakthrough to become a powerful accelerator for sales and advertising in all existing industries. Our competent and trained VR app makers can create unreal practices and surrounding areas, getting clients to face as if they are visiting at the moment. ServReality company’s VR studio is a mixture of the gifted staff and hi-tech experts, who can suggest a set of productive VR fixes to clarify complicated issues and keep budget.

What solutions our company offers for customers:

  • A full phase of VR app formation (from an idea to release)
  • VR practice, simulation (education by innovative hi-tech)
  • VR excursions (displaying of all sights, performances, commerce projects)
  • VR placing (porting of apps to any kind of platforms)

Our VR app creation list of services include

  • Counseling
  • Game creation
  • Mobile app/ web-based development
  • VR support and guidance
  • VR integration and publishing

Suggested techs and platforms ServReality works with:

The programming code is applied with particular languages

  • Javascript
  • C#
  • C++
  • Java

VR app development cost varies from $30K till $100K and depends on primarily the factors:

  • Exploration/ improvement
  • Data/Software
  • Implementation of hi-techs (VR, AR, 3D)
  • Type of platforms
  • Basic features
  • Sales and distribution

Why your choice should be us

ServReality gains a broad practice in generating VR apps for a huge set of market-particular tasks. Our specialists may find VR arrangements for any kind of gadgets and platforms.

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