Wild Immersion: wildlife as if you were there

Wild Immersion: wildlife as if you were there

Two Parisian rooms offer to visit an animal reserve thanks to virtual reality. Sensations guaranteed.

Few utopian projects manage to fit into the system they question. Through cinema and a new technology – virtual reality – Wild Immersion perfectly adapts its ecological approach to the twenty-first century. Faithful to a lightning development plan, the concept has just been established in two Parisian Pathé rooms, in Beaugrenelle (XV) and la Villette (XIX), before being proposed to the Jardin d’Acclimatation.

There is no need for dark rooms here. The VR headset replaces the large screen. In lounges that have about twenty armchairs, the spectator finds himself dumped at 360 degrees in the ocean depths, following a couple of sharks. Gentle dizziness. Whether on the ice floe, titillating penguins, or stashed in the savannah, under the neck of a giraffe, sniffed by a lion, the immersion is total. And the result impresses.

“This is the world’s first virtual reserve. I want to teleport the city dweller into the wilderness, bring him the wild beauty, and amaze him to protect it “

Adrien Moisson, initiator of the Wild Immersion project

“This is the first virtual reserve in the world,” said Adrien Moisson, who initiated the project.

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