What programming languages are worth learning?

What programming languages are worth learning?

Probably no one knows how many programming languages there really are in the world. Some sources say a few hundred, others a few thousand. However, there is no doubt that most of them are not widely used. In various rankings, only a part of such programming languages appears-the most popular, often used and constantly developed. We check which languages are worth learning today and which are the best paid, and thus sought after by IT employers.

Most popular programming languages

In the world there are many different rankings of popularity of programming languages, prepared by well-known portals dedicated to programmers or by analytical companies. Without a doubt, one of the most well-known rankings is the Tiobe index, prepared periodically by this Dutch company. According to this list, the most popular language in the world today is java, although in annual terms it has lost popularity -5.8%. The second place is taken by C (-6.94% y/y), the third-by C ++ (-1.36% y / y), the fourth-by C # (-0.22% y / y), and the fifth place is taken by Python (+0.13% y / y).

It is now worth comparing this comparison with other rankings. One of the most popular portals for developers, Stack Overflow, reported that in 2016, JavaScript reigned supreme on its pages (55.4% of portal users used this language), while SQL came in second place (49.1%). The winner of the TIOBE index, Java, took only the third position (36.3%). The fourth place in both rankings looks identical-c # (30.9% Stack Overflow), while TOP5 closes on the American php portal (25.9%).

GitHub also publishes its own annual list of the most popular programming languages. As on Stack Overflow, JavaScript was also unrivaled here (+97% y/y), while Java came in second place (+63% y/y), python came in third (+54% y/y), Ruby came in fourth (+66% y/y), and PHP came in fifth again (+43% y/y).

Already on the basis of these three rankings, it is easy to see that some programming languages often repeat themselves. This is primarily Java, which appears highly in all listed assemblies and JavaScript. C # and PHP are also very popular. And how do such lists of programming languages look from the financial side?

Programming and earnings

The popularity of programming languages often also translates into the financial side. What languages are worth specialising in? Let’s start with the American market. The rankings show that the best you can earn, programming in Java. The annual earnings of such a programmer are estimated at 130 thousand. USD. It is also worth to specialize in Objective-C (annual earnings are 112 thousand. USD). The Podium is closed by Python programmers with annual enrollments of about 105 thousand. USD. Popular in the above-mentioned comparisons JavaScript ranked only eighth. Programmers specializing in this language can count on 92 thousand. USD. Even worse is C#, which allows you to earn no more than 89 thousand. USD. It is worth mentioning about such popular languages as C ++ (annual earnings 102 thousand. USD) or SQL (80 thousand. USD).

How does it look in the Polish yard? The best paid are Java programmers, who can count on at least 6,2 thousand. PLN per month, although experienced specialists of this language pierce this amount many times. With the lowest earnings must count programiści.NET -3,500. zł per month.

All these data show that it is worth betting on learning programming in languages such as Java-not only is it very popular, intensively developed, it can still be a source of very attractive earnings, because both in the world and in Poland, employers are often looking for experienced Java programmers.

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