What not to say during the interview for the post of computer programmer

What not to say during the interview for the post of computer programmer

Being a developer, has its pros and cons. The advantage is that to operate in the market do quite a lot, but the disadvantage that there is a lot of competition. If some company, that cares about its employees, that many developers want to work in it. Finding work as a programmer is not only have the appropriate skills you also have to make a first good impression at a job interview. This means just a way of saying things that are arrogant and zdradzające ignorance and disrespect.

As engineering manager, hiring manager and the person that interviewed more than a hundred develoeprów in the previous two years, I’d like to imagine things that do what some programmer becomes less attractive as a potential employee, even if their RESUME looks good, and the interview fared well in the tests, technical, and koderskich.

Do not forget that these things should be avoided – this will allow You to prepare for the next interview, regardless of whether the remote or on the website.

Things related to coding

It’s very stupid framework/technology/language. Why anyone still use

Everything has its reason. And technology is advancing rapidly, so the clothes and trends are changing too intense. Sometimes it happens that in some legacy code, especially in large organizations. My opinion on this matter can be expressed thus diplomatic, not arrogant and zdradzający lack of respect. Don’t look down on people who are still using the old technology.

Well, unless you’re able to rewrite legacy code and make it refactoring during the week. Then we can talk.

Code review is a waste of time. All need to write good code

First, code review is definitely something good. If you have never had a commercial experience with code review, because, for example, you only after school, or not allowed in Your previous companies, you can say about it.

However, you should at least understand why something like this exists. And it is not only to discover the worst moments in your code.

Code review is to ensure that all we were able to share their knowledge and make sure that all adhere to the established standards and requirements, and writing code.

I prefer to write a new function from scratch than to fix the mistakes of others

Too many times I had to hear it. Such candidates often performers, working for the order, which goes at the time of delivery of the first production version.

I understand that many developers want to build again, and it’s using the latest technologies however, this does not mean that they are better than others.

You can learn a lot by correcting errors (regardless of whether your own or others), as well as the optimization and scaling existing systems.

Things related behavior in the interview

Tests? QA and testers, as they will do it for me

When someone asks you how you approach the test, try not to make it clear that the test is not Your responsibility. You are a programmer. You develop functions and create things. You should also check.

Your approach to testing may be significantly different from other approaches. You can’t use a Test-Driven Development (TDD), you may not know the latest testing tool on the market, but, of course, have you checked what ever your code.

If not checked, then you’re not a real developer. You’re just the guy who caresses code.

I’m not going to challenge my tech leada/development manager – I don’t care

The person leading the interview may ask You, in what situation you would not have chosen this technology, a tool framework, which was mentioned in Your CV and why you left the other.

Because you said you used them, are the people leading the conversation will be so passionately that you will know their strengths and weaknesses. It is also can share his opinion about them.

If you answer that You don’t care, it probably meant that either you have no opinion, or You does not. Or, even worse, you lied in SUMMARY, and in fact know nothing about them.

Do not waste time on training outside of work. I just learn things in

If we are talking about technology, I always need to learn and interested in current Affairs. When you say that you have no time to study, it means that you are not interested in what you’re doing.

You allude to the fact of a person leading a conversation that, as a developer, it’s just a way of making money, not Your current career.

I will never use (appropriate software/technology, etc.)

When the person leading the conversation will ask You about some of the technology, applications, software, is there a design pattern, it usually means that it is important for the position for which you are entering.

Let’s say that you work for frontendzie, and the man leading the conversation, asked You about opinion about Internet Explorer. I think he can guess that most developers doesn’t love IE, but want to know Your opinion on its use, Assembly, as well as some frills and so on.

Why? Maybe it’s just the browser that is supported by Your company. Moreover, you can also use it to customers. If you say you never, never use, it will mean that you will not be able to fit the role.

Things connected with a wider perspective

I never used one of Your products

This is very important, especially if you want to develop some technology, or to work for a company that creates certain products. When you go for an interview to this company, the people who will be spent with You is likely to ask You for Your opinion about their products – it can be feedback or sharing the experience.

What you have never used their products might not go with it.

Of course, cheated the man leading the conversation, if you say that you’ve never used the platform to which the start (let it, for example, LinkedIn). Even if you never use their product regularly, this production of the investigation, of course, will not hurt. Try it poużywać, read about it, try to understand, try to see what technologies it uses, etc.

It’s in my SUMMARY. You saw that, right?

So, the person leading the conversation, she saw Your SUMMARY. Moreover, it could be a perfect SUMMARY of what became the reason for inviting You for an interview.

Recruiters read a mention about Your experience with a technology or project and want to learn more. May want to hear more about it and directly from You. Maybe so, I missed it when reading Your RESUME for the first time and noticed it only on the conversation.

Regardless of the situation, Your task is to answer consistent with what we see in Your RESUME. Don’t tell the person leading the conversation to read Your RESUME. And speaking of the “logical answer” I don’t mean to say word for word what is written there.

What I mean by that is that if you wrote in the SUMMARY that you have used Spring MVC in his previous work, and you will get a question about betraying items you can’t say: “Actually, it’s not used.”

I have no issues. What is the next recruitment stage?

This is one of those things that put You in a bad light at the end of the conversation, and that no matter how this conversation went. People leading the conversation, as a rule, finish it with the following question: “Do you have any questions about the position, company, or anything else.”

Informal conversation is the movement of bi – you need to know about the company as much as You need. When you have no questions at the end of the conversation (or, even worse, can’t wait for the release), it will mean that you have lost interest in the position or company.

Yes, of course you can just go, and you increase the chances that I will never You will not call.


I hope that this article will help You to fall better the next conversation of selection for the post of development.

Remember that what you say does matter, and Your silence also speaks volumes.

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