What is the difference between Smart Casco and full AC?

What is the difference between Smart Casco and full AC?

Autocasco insurance is very well known to many drivers in Poland. This is an important protection for the car, thanks to which you can count on compensation in case of damage or theft of the car. However, such a policy usually costs a lot-and the premium acts as a deterrent for many drivers. At link4, however, you can count on Smart Casco insurance, which provides additional protection – but at a very attractive price.

What is mini Smart Casco?

Every car owner must have purchased civil liability insurance. To be able to drive a car, it is necessary to have a paid and current policy. However, this is only a basic protection, thanks to which the victim of a road collision can count on a quick payment of compensation.

Note, however, that if you are the perpetrator of the accident-you can not count on compensation. The OC does not give you the right to receive it in the event that your car is damaged due to the elements. It also offers no protection in the event of theft. If you want to give your car extra protection, you need to buy another policy.

In such a situation, autocasco is often chosen-that is, car insurance against damage or theft. However, in link4 you can opt for Smart Casco insurance, which provides protection for your car, but on slightly different terms and with much lower premiums.

Smart Casco Insurance – otherwise called mini autocasco-is a policy that comes in 5 variants, which you can choose according to your expectations and the costs you want to bear. This ability to adjust the premium depending on the level of protection is very practical and … clever! In the end, you decide which threat is the most real in your case.

Smart Casco Insurance this is an ideal offer for people who have hitherto purchased only the basic OC policy. Thanks to it, without straining the budget, you can take a lot of stress out of your head-ensuring the protection of the car both during travel and when parking.

How is Smart Casco different from full AC?

The offer of Smart Casco insurance is the answer to the demand of many drivers, for whom the full premium for autocasco is too high, but at the same time want to provide themselves with additional protection.

The main idea of Smart Casco insurance in link4 is that you do not have to decide on the whole package of autocasco protection, but choose the range that interests you most. For example, you can choose to protect yourself from the elements (such as fire, hail, hurricane or other natural forces). If you think that you do not need such protection-and you care about protection against theft, for example-just decide on another package.

This solution is very convenient, because you actually have an influence on what kind of car protection you choose. You can take advantage of both single packages – the elements and theft already mentioned – as well as combined packages related to total damage, theft and actions of forces of nature.

Decide which threat you really fear and rule out the ones you think are less important. See how this affects your Smart Casco insurance rate.

Smart Casco in link4-choose a policy for yourself!

In link4, the Smart Casco insurance premium depends not only on the scope of protection, but also on the value of the car itself. Prices are divided into three ranges. In the first, the premium is calculated for cars with a market value of up to 15 000 rubles. In the second-for cars from 15 000 to 25 000. The highest premium will be paid by owners of cars worth from 25 000 to 40 000 PLN. In case you want to insure a more expensive car-contact the customer’s advisor directly to calculate the premium.

Smart Casco insurance is only available in the OC package. Before entering into a contract, carefully read the terms and exclusions, carefully analyzing the general terms of insurance. This will allow you to know in which situations you can expect to receive compensation.

Smart Casco. A few words at the end

Smart Casco insurance allows you to provide additional protection for your car, while not having to worry about too high premiums. The truth is that this is an excellent solution for owners of several – year-old cars, who on the one hand are prudent, and on the other-do not want to strain the household budget.

The insurance offer at link4 means that you can always count on the protection you need. The ability to choose the risks you want to insure against makes it possible to choose satisfactory solutions. You can protect your car, but at the same time not pay for a service that you are not interested in. Smart Casco insurance is a perfect example of this.

Selected variant of Smart Casco insurance available in link4 only in the package with OC. For more information, see the OWU available at www.link4.pl.

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