Virtual reality in marketing - examples of successful cases

Virtual reality in marketing - examples of successful cases

The possibilities of VR technology are practically endless: it finds its application in any field, be it the military-industrial complex, education or medicine. But today we will focus on the use of VR in advertising: what methods and techniques are used by marketers in this not yet mastered niche and how effective it is.

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World famous brands have been using new technologies for several years to gain competitive advantages, and here are the most interesting and successful cases that have already been implemented.

Bus to Mars

Josh Grossberg, creative director at McCann New York, impressed by the films Interstellar and Gravity, designed a unique advertisement for the American aircraft and aerospace company Lockheed Martin.

Grossberg took a regular school bus and installed touch screens instead of glasses. The people inside during the trip saw the Martian landscapes outside the window and learned interesting facts by clicking on the screen. It looked amazing – the video below is a direct proof of this.

Remarkable is the fact that no VR headsets are required for such an immersion. Although this is not completely virtual reality, but rather a mixed one, we had no right not to mention such a project.

The New York Times and The Guardian

The popular American daily newspaper The New York Times has released a VR app that allows readers to personally observe the events described in different issues of the newspaper. For example, the video “The Exiled” showed the lives of three children who have lost their homes as a result of incessant wars going on in different parts of the world.

And The Guardian has produced a 360-degree video that allows viewers to experience the experience of prisoners in solitary confinement. Slamming doors, dripping water and loneliness – this makes a chill run through the skin.

“Mister Robot”

In order to popularize the television series Mr. Robot, USA Network created a VR video that immerses the viewer into the inner world of the protagonist Elliot Anderson. Thus, the channel fueled interest in the series and its plot.

Photo: USA NetworkPhoto: USA Network

Doritos Chips

A little-known brand of chips in Russia has released its own cross-platform game Doritos VR Battle. You will visit deep dark caves, collect as many chips as possible and, of course, fight with monsters who, it turns out, also love this potato delicacy.

And by clicking on the links, you can find this game on Google Play and Steam.


This is the name of the pill that relieves nausea, vomiting and dizziness. The pharmaceutical company tested five participants in the experiment who were given pills to drink and then forced to watch “extreme” VR videos in limbo. All subjects went through this experience normally. Thus, the effectiveness of the apparatus was demonstrated.


The ZocDoc service decided to make the visit to the dentist more enjoyable and relieve people of the fear of an unpleasant procedure. VR headsets were placed in the waiting area of ​​the dentistry, with the help of which patients relieve stress by walking in the picturesque garden or watching the waves of the sea.

Bedtime VR Stories

Samsung has released a VR application that, according to the creators’ idea, should unite children with parents on a business trip. With the help of the Samsung Gear VR headset, mom (or dad) got into one of three available fairy tales with the child, where you could not only watch the narration, but also communicate with each other.

Salvador Dali Museum

The Florida-based museum dedicated to the talented artist has developed a VR app that allows visitors to virtually literally get inside a piece of art called Angelus Millet’s Archaeological Reminiscence.


Eco-friendly cosmetics brand Innisfree from Korea held an unforgettable bike ride for visitors to the Shanghai Disney Resort. Sitting on exercise bikes and armed with VR headsets, the participants in the experiment moved to Jeju Island, famous for its picturesque landscapes. So the company’s marketers focused the attention of potential buyers on the environmental friendliness of their cosmetics.

Happy goggles

So, by analogy with Google Cardboard, a VR headset from McDonald’s was called, which could be assembled out of the box for the Happy Meal kits released in March 2016. Especially for the headset, the game Slope Stars was created – a sports simulator of a skier.

The cost of the device was only $ 4 – the souvenir quickly gained popularity and McDonald’s sharply increased sales of Happy Meal.

Virtual Reality Department Store

Meet Ebay’s first virtual reality store in partnership with Australian retailer Myer. With the help of a special eBay Sight Search control technology with one eyes, the buyer can select a product, study it in detail and put it in the basket before going to a real store.

IKEA VR Experience

You can find this application on Steam. With its help, you will move to a virtual kitchen, where you can change the design of the room at your discretion.

So a potential buyer, without leaving the house, can pick up all the furniture necessary for the home: at least, according to IKEA representatives, such a demonstration should push him to buy.

Boursin: The Sensorium

After this exciting journey through the refrigerator, you will fall in love with the British brand Boursin cheese, even if you have not heard of it before. Such a non-standard, very interesting and effective approach was used by the company’s marketers.


The American shoe manufacturer has organized a virtual attraction for the release of a new model of hiking boots, where you have to overcome a difficult mountain trek.

Armed with a VR headset, shoppers stepped onto a bridge made of planks and ropes and tried to follow that route. According to the participants in the experiment, such an experience leaves a lasting impression. And as a pleasant consequence, an increase in the growth of shoe sales for the company.


The Swedish carmaker has released an app that demonstrates all the benefits of the Volvo XC90 Luxury SUV using VR technology. A 360-degree commercial, which is a test drive of the above-mentioned SUV, will show you all the advantages of this type of advertising.


Back in 2014, the British boutique TopShop used the Oculus Rift VR headset to move its customers to the London Fashion Week. Customers were able to see for themselves that the store offers them only the newest, trendiest and most relevant clothes.

Old irish

Only creative people from Tbilisi could think of advertising with the use of virtual reality technology and such impressive decorations. Just watch the video and you will understand everything.


And this is how the representatives of the Pullman Hotel in France showed their rooms to the visitors of the Paris airport, thereby increasing the audience of their potential customers.


And the hotel chain Marriott offered newlyweds services for their “teleportation” to the Hawaiian Islands or London. Not an ordinary start to a honeymoon, is it?

The Art of Patrón

Well, if you are a tequila lover, then the Patrón brand has prepared for you not only premium quality alcohol, but also such a creative VR video in 360 degrees, telling about all stages of the production of this “divine” drink.


Coca-Cola is not only delicious soda and “a holiday comes to us”, but also an opportunity to become a real Santa Claus. This opportunity was provided to residents of Poland in 2015 as part of a campaign using the Oculus Rift.


Virtual reality is a new form of marketing that is not well understood yet. However, this does not prevent large companies from using it to its fullest. Of course, there are a number of limitations that hinder the development of this niche: imperfect technology, “weak hardware”, fear on the part of customers – all these shortcomings are inherent in other areas where VR is used.

However, virtual reality has advantages in marketing that conventional print or television advertising cannot match. Firstly, it is a wow effect that leaves a lasting impression. Secondly, those who are interested in VR technology are an advanced and involved part of our society, which is much easier to turn into potential buyers.

According to our forecasts, the use of virtual reality in marketing will continue to grow. In the late 2020s and early 2030s, it will be used not only by giant companies with unlimited budgets, but also by ordinary retail stores, restaurants, car washes and other small retail outlets. And it will be really cool, trust us!

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