Soft skills in IT

Soft skills in IT

Many people think that programmers are creatures who spend most of their time in a secluded place, focused only on producing new portions of code, limiting human interaction to a minimum. However, today soft skills are valued in it, and at 10Clouds we attach special importance to them. We know how important they are to the functioning of the company, teams and the atmosphere between employees. Below you will find a list of skills that, from my own experience in recruitment and many stories I have heard, I consider the most important to acquire and grind.


There is already a strong awareness in the industry of how much damage they can do to projects and teamwork:

  • incorrect information flow,

  • difficulties in communicating effectively,

  • unable to provide feedback (or no feedback at all).

Each of these errors generates a loss of time, money, and above all the destruction of the atmosphere within the team. Like any good that demand exceeds supply, the ability to communicate effectively and correctly is a gold-weight feature of the IT market.


This is the foundation for the smooth functioning of any company and team. The more heads you think about something, the better the results, and rarely when you miss something important. There are no perfect and infallible people in the world, everyone makes mistakes, so good practices include, for example, code review. It is worth checking each other’s code fragments, even if there is no such universally applicable custom in the workplace.

Approach to work

Even if you are not a master of programming, your personality and attitude can make up for a lot during recruitment. If you show that you like people, know how to learn from them or want to help them develop, you have interesting passions that you can talk about for hours-all this is made up of the so-called perfect culture fit (fit to the company culture) important for any workplace in it. The approach is also useful in everyday work-openness and patience towards others, willingness to help, openness to constructive criticism and a real look at your experience and skills.

Public statements

Introverts as much as possible will find themselves in it, but it is worth sometimes to break through and go out to people with their knowledge. There are plenty of opportunities to share what you can and discuss with people with different opinions. Lectures and workshops, not only listened to live, but perhaps most of all those shared later on YouTube, can be called (next to StackOverflow) the IT blood system. They not only allow you to spread information about technological innovations and good practices, but also promote your personal brand in the industry, which translates into a number of contacts and a dynamic career.

Knowledge sharing

Each project is made up of people with different experience, level of knowledge and skills. It is nice to have a personal mentor, but in the life of every senior developer or even an intermediate programmer, there comes a moment when he can become a role model for others and a source of invaluable information. Keeping knowledge to yourself with the idea that it will make you better than others really does not pay off. Mentoring, helping the less experienced is a true sign of professional maturity, technological leadership and senior level.

Managing your time

The growing number of responsibilities forces developers to efficiently manage their time and many tasks to perform. Moreover, the current work of a developer often requires not only programming, but also contact with the client or learning new technologies. Managing yourself in a limited amount of time is a real art, but fortunately it can be learned in a simple way in a personal development workshop. The key to success is only (or only) consistent application of the learned methods in everyday work:).


It may not be your typical soft skill, but you can’t forget it. It still surprises me how many Polish programmers and other IT professionals do not speak English at a decent level. Most often they explain the situation with excuses like “I do not have many opportunities to contact people, I deal with technical documentation, I think that this is enough”. You may not believe what I’m about to say, but poor English skills close the door to promotion in most IT companies.

This is the list of qualities that we value in candidates for work in 10Clouds. We do not expect that you will have them all right away:), but each of them is welcome.

Ula-HR Specialist at 10Clouds

Ula-HR Specialist at 10Clouds

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