CIRP analytical data for 2019 suggests that the loyalty of a wide range of users, relating to the Android system, is growing steadily. Its growth over the past few months has clearly contributed to the speed of releasing the updates, as well as the stability of current versions.

The ability to change is the main part of a good promotion strategy of the application. In mobile development, the rules of the game change more often than updated software. Increased users’ expectations of the functionality of the application, its security, and privacy, demand for Android app development services will increase this year.

android apps development

Android app outsourcing income from the inculcation of artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality is constantly growing and will exceed about $100 million by 2025. According to Gartner’s research, the 200 largest companies all over the world actively implement and rely on machine learning data.

Mobile developer Android can use artificial intelligence to understand user behavior and provide more personalized recommendations while operating the application.

Machine tuition is useful in health care, logistics, IT, education – wherever there is a lot of disordered data. And the AI-based development apps Android helps to free the support command from the routine – after all, the chatbot can respond to all typical requests.

android app features

What are the features of choosing android app services?

The Android operating system is very flexible and allows the inculcation of new technologies while working with the software for app development instantly.

The SERVREALTY always follows new trends in Android application development solutions. It consists of many stages that provide an amazing and effective result after association.


Technical specification development

All you need is to give us an idea and think about the concept.

Interface design

The structure of the app should be logical and intuitively clear, even for an inexperienced user.

The app design

It should comply with the general style of Android OS and do not distract the attention from working with the app.


Android applications development is conducted in the Java programming language.

Testing, finding errors, fixing them, and launching the app in the Google Market

The promotion of a mobile app is a separate process that requires certain knowledge and skills.


Speed ​​performance

Downloading applications is maximally accelerated by reducing the weight of images and scripts, optimizing queries to the database

Maximum convenience

We design the app with the most intuitive interface and user navigation.

The ability to work offline

Users can interact with your application even in the non-availability of the Internet

Easy paying services in Android app

Ordering in the application is a pain point for most stores that is why we make this process as easy as possible for the user.

Maximum devices

Your audience uses different devices and the app should work equally stably at their maximum number. Set of tools we use when developing apps provides excellent device compatibility.

Unique interaction opportunities

Send users push notifications of updates and promotions at the right moment, increasing your sales.

We offer:

  • Custom Application Development for Android
  • Game development
  • Corporate Applications
  • Mobile Commerce Applications
  • Social networking apps
  • Testing, Promotion, and Maintaining Applications
  • Post-launching consulting

Custom Application Development for Android


Your app must give benefits not only for you but also for users. It is necessary to create advantages of using the mobile app for customers.

SERVEREALTY Android development agency correctly prioritizes your app solutions.

  • Uniqueness

The user will not install it to get the same information from other apps. App Store may refuse to host such an app, referring to an insufficiency of the user-available functionality.

  • Strategy

For standard users, the engagement methods are weak. It is necessary to consider the strategy of promoting the app and advertising campaign, primarily working with an existing database of subscribers and regular customers.

  • Investments

Creating a mobile application is a long-term investment. As a rule, the payback period of it is much longer than that of the site or an online store.

  • Target audience

You should not monetize branded apps with advertising, cause it does not look solid and annoying customers. 26% of applications are deleted after the first launch; do not stimulate users to make your application one of them.

android app development

How to order a quality service?

Android software development involves intuitive and attractive interfaces for all platforms in combination with the latest trends and technologies.

The price will be determined individually. You pay only for the finished project. The client receives a documentary confirmation of the commitments. All details are fixed in the contract.

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