Recruiter in the heat of questions-what they ask during the interview

Recruiter in the heat of questions-what they ask during the interview

During every recruitment process in IT companies, there comes a moment when the recruiter switches places with the candidate. Then the person applying to the company has a chance to ask about everything that interests him. What do Ruby on Rails developers ask prospective employers? Currently, the company employs nearly 190 people, of which the vast majority are developers. Below we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions by candidates for work in our company.

1. How big are the design teams?

In companies that create customized software solutions and build software, the size of the teams is always adjusted to the needs of the project and depends on its requirements. In our case, teams usually consist of 3 to 8 people: programmers, project manager, software testers, depending on the needs-also a product designer.

2. What project management methodology do you use?

We use agile methodology for project management. Our sprints usually last from one to two weeks, and the entire design team is always involved in meetings with the client. We also strongly believe in retrospectives, so we always evaluate and determine our successes and failures at the end of the project. We are looking at what we have done well and what could be improved with the next project. We try to draw conclusions and learn from our experience for the future.

3. What is the process of implementing new employees?

The first day is always held at our headquarters in Poznań, where the new person gets a computer, access to tools and has the opportunity to learn more about the company’s values and principles. We realize how difficult it is to adapt to a new style of work and organization at the beginning, so each new employee has a mentor who helps him step by step to familiarize himself with all the procedures and learn the tools that we use. This is the person to whom you can turn with all questions and who is supposed to make the new employee feel good in the company.

4. Can a junior developer work remotely?

Yes, if this option suits someone the most, then we have no problem with it. However, we strongly encourage you to work from the office during the first 3 months-our experience shows that the process of implementation and learning goes much more smoothly when a new person is with us in the office. It is easier to solve all problems, it also gives the opportunity to ask a more experienced colleague for help or advice. Being in the office, you can get to know our culture and style of work faster. At Netguru, integration and cooperation between employees is very important: twice a year we organize training and integration trips, and on average every 2 months we meet at corporate events. It is easier to work together and create well-coordinated design teams, when you know your colleagues a little, have had more than one morning coffee together and played a few games of FIFA or football players.

5. How often does pair-programming take place?

At Netguru we use pair-programming not only during recruitment. This is a great way to learn from each other, so when one of the programmers can not cope with a problem, pair-programming turns out to be a very helpful solution. How often you use it depends on you and your preferences.

6. Do you write tests?

Yes! We write tests based on RSpec for projects in ROR and xct for projects in iOS.

7. What kind of JS framework are you using?

Most of our applications use Ember / React / Angular.

8. What version of rails are you using?

We always try to use the latest stable version.

9. How can I develop my skills in Netguru?

The only way to achieve success in the software consulting industry is to hire the best programmers, which is why we are very interested in the development of all our employees. Almost every Friday there are internal webinars available for everyone, we also organize programming sessions in pairs and put a lot of emphasis on code reviews. Our developers spend about 5-10% of their time doing code review-we believe that this is not only a good way to maintain high-quality code, but above all it is a great way to learn: to look at the best solutions and avoid repeating mistakes. Each employee also has a development fund, from which we finance training, trips to conferences and English lessons. We will also support you if you become a speaker or mentor at a programming event.

10. What tools do you use to communicate?

Good communication is a key element in the functioning of any company, especially in a situation where most employees work remotely. At Netguru, we ensure that communication is orderly and transparent. Our main internal communication tool is Slack, we have many channels dedicated to various topics, special channels for project groups or private groups for talking to clients. We usually use Google Hangouts for video conversations.

I hope this post answered at least some of your questions! If you have more of them, don’t worry, you can ask us during the recruitment interview! If you do not want to wait, write boldly on:

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