Predix 2.0-meet the PaaS platform different from all!

Predix 2.0-meet the PaaS platform different from all!

October 13, during the 8. At night at the Institute of aviation in Warsaw, Poland hosts the first Hackathon dedicated to the Predix 2.0 platform. What is it, what is it used for and what is absolutely unique about it? Narrated By Lukasz Romaniuk, Software Engineering Director at engineering design center (EDC) * – one of the organizers of the hackathon.

Predix 2.0-what is it?

It is a software platform PaaS – platform as a service, created to meet the requirements of the internet of things, based on Cloud Foundry. It provides communication between any industrial systems and equipment that generate valuable data and the people who use it. It was originally created for the needs of the industrial giant-General Electric, but over time, versions have also been developed that allow it to be used in solutions from other manufacturers.

How exactly does Predix work?

By installing the Predix Edge component on a given device, we can read the data from the sensors of this machine in real time. Information on temperature, speed, vibration frequency, collected. Once these are retrieved, the code runs, which pre-processes them and sends them to the cloud. There they are stored and analyzed.

What is the analysis of data in the cloud using the Predix platform?

This is absolutely innovative. The analysis takes place in applications and microservices that have access to historical data collected by GE over the years. The user of the platform, analyzing information from his machines, therefore uses several decades of GE know-how. No other PaaS platform offers such a comparison database. With this knowledge, you can improve the operation of equipment or power plants. For example, analysts can predict with increasing accuracy when a jet engine or a locomotive should be reviewed. And this knowledge translates into both security and corporate profits.

Are applications and microservices different for each manufacturer? Who makes them?

There are different users, so and different software platforms. There are 3 Predix sales models:

  • “GE for GE” are microservices created for General Electric’s internal needs,
  • “GE for the customer” is an external version of Predix, where the platform is made available to the client along with ready-made microservices and applications,
  • “GE for the world” is an option where the client creates the necessary applications himself, receiving the platform itself.

Depending on the model, applications are either created by GE developers (including people from us, from EDC) or by customer-side teams. Our company employs more than 100 people who work on Predix. Every few months, New ready-made applications such as Operations Advisor (a system used to optimize the manufacturing process in factories) or trueqc (a system that provides intelligent documentation during the assembly of aircraft engines) come out from under our hands. It is an incredible challenge and a pleasure to do programming with such a modern tool at your disposal.

During the hackathon, participants will also create software on Predix. What exactly will they have to do?

Participants will be tasked with collecting sensor data on the Raspberry Pi Zero using the Predix Edge component and storing it in the cloud. Then, using the code, this data will need to be visualized using applications and microservices available on the Predix platform. That’s all I can tell you. Details participants will learn already at the start of the marathon.

Do participants need to know the Predix platform to participate in the hackathon?No. To participate in our event, you only need to know Javascript or another language that allows for efficient programming. This hackathon will be a great opportunity to get to know the Predix platform. It is really worth taking part in this event to see for yourself how fascinating this tool is.

Thank you for talking to me.

* Engineering Design center (EDC) is a joint venture between General Electric Company Polska SP.z o. o. and the Institute of aviation. Engineers from both companies jointly carry out global technical projects related to aviation, energy and oil industry.

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