How to Spend less and Get More from Facebook Ads

How to Spend less and Get More from Facebook Ads

Facebook is used to promote a variety of products, from mass to complex corporate systems and other B2B solutions. The social network allows you to get a wide reach, regulate conversion, collect customer data, create an active community around the company, as well as promote content, products and services in various ways.

Facebook Instagrammer Leadza Optimizer, a company based on artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, has developed a system for optimizing advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. The solution allows you to automatically manage your advertising budget, thereby optimizing costs and increasing efficiency. Leadza Optimizer analyzes the results of past advertising campaigns, predicts the dynamics of significant advertising performance indicators and automatically redistributes the advertising budget with maximum benefit for the advertiser.

“The Leadza Optimizer algorithm redistributes the budget between active ad groups within an advertising campaign every day. As a result, the expected number of conversions increases, and the CPA (Cost per Action) decreases. The Leadza team tested the algorithm: A/B tests show that the CPA can be reduced up to five times, ” notes Leadza founder Victoria Vinogradova.

Working technology

Based on the retrospective data on the campaigns conducted, the system understands which advertising tools of the social network are most profitable to invest money in, and directs most of the budget to the most effective advertising. The campaign effectiveness is constantly monitored, and the system makes a forecast of changes in advertising metrics in the future. The funds of the advertising budget are not simply transferred to those ad groups where there is a low CPA, as is sometimes done with manual budget optimization. Instead, a significant part of the budget is received by those ads whose success is confirmed by the system’s forecast. Leadza Optimizer works with all types of standard user actions on the advertiser’s page: “Go”, “Buy”, “Add to Cart”, etc. At the same time, you can reduce the price of a critical CPA, including registering on the site, adding to the cart or buying.

Advertising on Facebook is arranged according to the principle of an auction, where advertisers place bids. They indicate the amount of money that advertisers are willing to pay for some targeted action (click, app installation, registration, etc.). Leadza Optimizer machine learning algorithms allow you to get more traffic at prices close to the minimum.

Service without an interface

The Leadza Optimizer service is integrated into the advertiser’s Facebook advertising account. The user of the service can see all the actions of the system in his advertising cabinet. Thus, the Leadza Optimizer analytical system is very organically integrated into the interface of the social network platform and does not load the user with additional add-ons and entities. In addition, the Leadza team has created a chatbot that communicates with the client via Facebook Messenger and automatically performs part of the routine operations in the advertising cabinet. The chatbot is managed by sending it key messages.

Areas of Application

The Leadza service is designed for use in the e-commerce segment, mobile app advertising, as well as in the practice of advertising agencies. The cost of using the Leadza Optimizer system is from $60 per month or from $600 per year. This technology has proven itself best with Facebook advertising budgets from $500 to $20,000 per month. First of all, Leadza Optimizer has value for advertisers who need to reduce the cost of a user’s target action, as well as increase the number of leads while maintaining the volume of the advertising budget.

A few facts about Leadza

Leadza was founded by Victoria Vinogradova in 2016. In 2017, the company raised 15 million rubles from the FRII, in 2018-19 million rubles from the same fund, as well as from the founder of Aitarget Ilya Lagutin. Leadza develops its service both in Russia and in the USA, Denmark, Israel, and Poland. In 2018, the number of Leadza customers increased by more than 2 times.

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