How to return to work rested

How to return to work rested

You’re supposed to be leaving work, but your mind is still at the desk. We know this well. To perform tasks efficiently, you need not only the right tools and conditions-rest is important. We have already written about the need to maintain work-life balance in one of our articles. Work-life balance is crucial.

Can we rest?

Rest is one of the most important needs of our body. It is difficult to expect a person to be perfectly focused for 6-10 hours. The programmer does not work physically, but sooner or later he will feel tired.

For a while it may seem that fatigue does not concern us, and that we perfectly cope with work for several hours a dayand we even code when we get home. How long can it last? A week? A month? A year? Then there will be not only fatigue, but also discouragement, apathy, and sometimes depression.

The problem with resting is that we’re not doing very well. Some people even feel anxious when they stop working. This is not only a problem for programmers, but above all for many Poles.

As a report in the Randstad Research Institute’s Labour Market Monitor showed a few years ago, we can’t stop thinking about work even on vacation. This applies to as many as 36% of poles, while 60% of us on vacation check their corporate mailbox from time to time.

It is difficult to talk about a real work-life balance, when every third pole works every day after hours. Sedlak & amp; Sedlak conducted research for its social diagnosis and calculated that truck and bus drivers work the longest in our country (an average of 48 hours per week).

Programmers and other IT professionals work most often 44 hours a week. Of course, it happens that longer, because the reported results are averaged. This is a global problem, resulting from the enormous pace of life. Which means rest has to be learned.

Art of rest

Rest seems like a natural thing, but more and more often we lose this ability, and in our free time we can not recharge the batteries. It’s hard to say that we really relax when we stare at the TV screen from the couch for a couple of hours, because at work we do almost the same thing, just sitting in a chair. In this situation, it is better to choose a book (we wrote about reading programmers here) or go for a walk.

Even with our free time, we can’t use it properly. We go back to work as tired as we left it. It is difficult in such a situation to be creative and quickly perform tasks. Is this a no-go situation?

You don’t have to break open doors and come up with complicated rest strategies. Watching this with a pencil in hand, or with the help of an application, we will turn rest into an obsession. Common sense will do.

How to rest?

Here are a handful of our tips on how to use your free time to get back to work rested.

Rest begins in the head

So what if we get out of work if our minds are still there? We need to learn how to tame our mind, distract it from the professional routine. Some people use various relaxation techniques to “release themselves from work”, others rely on intense physical exertion. It is necessary to find out what will absorb our attention, pushing further the issues related to work.

Sleep is key

People who can not rest, often also sleep very briefly, have trouble falling asleep, wake up at night. And this sleep regenerates our body, positively affects memory and assimilation of information. For effective rest, 6-7 hours of sleep is enough.

You need to rest every day, and not every once in a while

It does not have to be long, enough even 30-60 minutes of time just for yourself. Preferably right after work.

Spend at least one day a week just resting

Then cut yourself off completely from professional duties, do not catch up, do not check corporate mail. Spend the day pleasuring yourself as if you had no responsibilities.

Walking or cycling are always effective “stress relievers”

They can perfectly free us from everything that torments us every day. Close contact with nature, a trip to the park-it can be a good alternative to daily treatments (provided, of course, that we will not suffocate smog).

The programmer should not forget about active recreation

Physical effort will allow us to concentrate on our physicality and effectively distract from the tasks that we have to solve at work. It doesn’t have to be a daily run, just a visit to the gym or a bike ride from time to time.

You can’t forget your vacation!

The world won’t collapse if we go on a week-long vacation twice a year.

And one more important issue: let’s get rid of the remorse that we rest and do nothing. Inaction is also part of our lives. Sometimes as important as work.

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