How to effectively conduct recruitment in it?

How to effectively conduct recruitment in it?

Your company is developing every day, you get a new order, while you are buried in several projects, you need a new employee already “for yesterday”. What are you doing? You’re putting up an ad.…

In this article, we will advise you on how to properly conduct recruitment in it, what tools to use and what to use, and what to take care of additionally, because…

The ad is not everything

Posting on well-known job portals is no longer enough. If you think that a good programmer “will fall from the sky”, then you are grossly mistaken. Recruitment should start six months in advance. In addition, most of them are not actively looking for work, because they often already have it. In addition, currently the recruitment process is passive, i.e. recruiters contact the developers either through LinkedIn or through the employee command system ‒ but that’s not all. The IT job market is the market of the employee and it is he who decides where he will develop his career. Today, having a good it specialist is a privilege, so the announcement should be the culmination of employer branding activities in your company. But before we get to writing it, it’s important that you know what it’s like…

Candidate profile

Developers are currently dressing up in offers. They are picky and very demanding. They want their future boss to provide them with good working conditions, interesting, ambitious projects and high wages. They like it when the ads are written precisely, concisely and contain all the most important information. Examples of ideal ads can be found on bulldogjob. They contain the most important points that should be included in the job offer. It was created by HR specialists for programmers, taking into account their needs and knowing what people in the industry focus on. Programmers are required to have specific skills. Therefore, it is important to present the methodology of work that is adopted in your company. This way the future employee knows where he will stand. Such information helps to decide whether the work is for him. Thanks to this, your business becomes “more ” professional and better organized in the eyes of an IT specialist, and at this point we touch on the topic…

Role of employer brand

If you are wondering if you need it, we answer-yes! Be sure to pay attention to this growing trend among employers. Having a strong brand has many advantages it can reduce recruitment costs. At present, image-building does not end with job interviews, job fairs, or university presentations, because such activities are simply not enough. Acquiring an IT specialist requires attracting his attention, besides, the future employee would like to be in a “cool” company, and this is what he does…

Employer branding

This industry is responsible for building the image of the employer. Two branches of this field can be distinguished-the external one, aimed at candidates for this position, and the internal one, whose activities are focused directly on the company’s employees. To properly plan the external aspect of the employer branding strategy, it is worth considering several elements:

  • Industry analysis
  • Assumptions, business values
  • Employee profile
  • Good reputation

Every employer should know that building a company’s image is a long process that requires a lot of commitment.

Where to promote your image?

These are the most popular portals in Poland, where employers actively conduct employer branding activities. They often contain opinions that become feedback for the boss verifying the effectiveness of the internal and external branding policy of the employer and the basis for determining the direction of possible changes.

In addition, these services are a mine of knowledge for candidates considering employment in a particular company and can influence the decision to apply for a position.

  • Bulldogjob-is a platform offering tools tailored to the IT industry during the recruitment process. The main advantages of the service are carefully conducted employer branding activities and the ability of potential employees to post their impressions and assessments after interviews, which are the business card of the company.
  • Goldenline here employees can post their opinions about the company where they work or have worked. They assess the possibilities of its development, average earnings, atmosphere, access to know-how etc. On their basis, candidates form an opinion about a potential employer.
  • LinkedIn-this site usually posts industry posts. It is aimed at building the brand of employees who are the business card of your company. In addition, it is used by so-called headhunters who directly contact with selected candidates.
  • Twitter is a specific tool that requires appropriate skills. As you know, information on the site has a limited number-140 characters, so it is worth knowing how to use hashtags, mentions. Companies should share good news, have “appropriate” followers etc.

What else should you take care of?

  • Bookmark on the page: career.

This is one of the most important elements of an employer branding campaign. The site should be transparent, have its own case study, look that inspires confidence. The information on the website must be up-to-date. Outdated posts, messages, announcements, they only work to your disadvantage. And the “Career” tab is simply a necessity.

  • Search engines and SEO activities

The most popular search engines are of course Google (which is the strongest player in this market), as well as Bing (listed more out of sympathy for the search engine and unwillingness to rely only on Googles:)). Take care of the promotion on them. Another thing is positioning: most companies do not pay attention to adjust the Career tab in terms of SEO, and this greatly helps in promoting the business and in obtaining a new employee.

  • Competitions and career programs

This is an unconventional method, but who does not like contests. Especially if you can win a great position in a prestigious company. Typically, such forms employer brandigowe applies to students EY.

Career programmes are increasingly popular with employers who take under their wing students or graduates of higher education institutions. In this way, they gain grateful, long-term employees, whom they train, take care of and reward for honest work.

Employer branding activities are extremely important in building an employer’s brand. Currently, the IT market belongs to the employee. Therefore, it is important to start the recruitment process even six months in advance. If you need an IT specialist “on already” be sure to read this article.

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