How to disable facial recognition on Facebook

How to disable facial recognition on Facebook

Facebook has just announced, this Tuesday, September 3, changes in the way the social network uses facial recognition. In a statement posted on its website, Facebook says that its facial recognition setting launched in 2017 will now be offered to all its users. The social network explains that this feature will be activated only if you choose it. Facebook should send you a message soon inviting you to do so.

With this new option, the social network no longer suggested, in particular, the name of your friends, detected thanks to facial recognition, to tag the photos you put online. Now, if you enable the option, Facebook will offer you suggestions of photos in which you appear and, if you approve, you will be able to be identified in these photos. The change comes after the Federal Trade Commission, the US trade regulator, fined Facebook $5 billion over the Cambridge Analytica scandal. In addition to this financial penalty, the company headed by Mark Zuckerberg must now inform “clearly and visibly” about the use of facial recognition, reports Business Insider US.

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In Europe, Facebook did not use facial recognition until April 2018. With the arrival of its new privacy settings, set up for the entry into force of the GDPR, the social network took the opportunity to introduce facial recognition stealthily, inviting its users to activate it. This method was considered dishonest by critics, and it may be that many users activated it without realizing it.

How to check if facial recognition is enabled on your account

Fortunately, there is a very simple page in the Facebook settings that allows you to check if this feature is enabled at home. And, if necessary, disable it if you wish.

On computer, in clicking on this link, you will come directly to the page dedicated to facial recognition. Then all you have to do is choose between “yes” and “no” from the drop-down menu to enable or disable this function.

On mobile, in clicking on this same link, you will come across a more general settings page. You will have to go down to the “Privacy” section and press “Facial Recognition” to access the dedicated page. Then you just have to press on “Do you want Facebook to be able to recognize on you appear in photos or videos?” to choose between “yes” and “no”.

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