Finland wins against shocked Danes

Finland wins against shocked Danes

Published on 12.06.2021

The collapse of Denmark’s Christian Eriksen in the European Championship match against Finland (0:1) pushes the sporting aspects into the background. To the astonishment of many football fans-including the ZDF experts Per Mertesacker and Christoph Kramer – the game continues.

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Uefa said that this was the wish of both teams. And indeed: The players make sure that in the remaining season the football comes to the fore again. At the end of this memorable evening, Finland wins the match 1-0.

The course of the game in the log

20.06: Uefa announces that play will continue.

8.08 PM: Denmark goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel comes onto the pitch and applauds towards the fans.

Again and again, “Christian Eriksen”chants echo through the stadium.

8.30 PM: Mathias Jensen is substituted for Eriksen. The players of both teams clap off, in a few seconds it goes on.

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8.31 PM: The game continues with referee ball, Denmark will leave the possession.

8.35 Pm: Referee Anthony Tayler (England) whistles off the first half to the applause of the spectators.

8.36 PM: The players of both teams stay on the pitch, gather only briefly for a meeting.

8.40 p.m.: After a five-minute break we continue with kick-off Finland.

8.47 Pm: Substitute Mathias Jensen with the first real chance after the interruption.

8.54 PM: Joel Pohjanpalo heads in for the Finnish lead. Restrained cheers from the players, huge cheers in the stands from the Finnish fans.

The goal ratio at this time from the Danish point of view: 18: 1. Intermediate score: 0: 1.

9.07 PM: Penalty for Denmark. Taylor points to the point after Poulsen’s foot is curiously hit on the ground with his knee. A justified whistle, as the VAR proves.

9.09 PM: Pierre-Emile Höjbjerg fails with a weak penalty shot at the Finnish goalkeeper Lukas Hradecky.

Football European Championship-Denmark-Finland

9.19 PM: Finland’s first goalscorer at a European Championship, Joel Pohjanpalo, leaves the pitch to great applause.

9.30 PM: Referee Taylor ends the match, the Finns celebrate their first victory at a European Championship in their history.

Finland win 1-0. However, the result remains only a minor matter, since all thoughts are with Christian Eriksen.

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