Charles Jaigu :

Charles Jaigu : "Harari, or Homo algorithmus"

CHRONIC – He sees presidents, captivates readers, seduces entrepreneurs. Late logician, the Israeli essayist multiplies apocalyptic predictions. You don’t have to believe it.

The little man came up to the dais in half-darkness. His face is smooth, his figure is like a comma, he is dressed in black, and he wields humor as much as gravity in an equal tone. He is not an android, even if throughout his performance we played with this idea. Yuval Noah Harari is a ubergeek, this brain fascinated by computer science, an editorial phenomenon and an extremely stimulating posthumanist essayist. This man comes to us from Israel, a land fertile in prophets. He was initially an academic specializing in medieval history. One day he agreed to teach an extension course on the history of mankind for first-year students. The course was so successful that he turned it into a book: Sapiens. And the book in turn became an immediate success. From Israel to the rest of the world. It has sold millions of copies. He is on the nightstand of heads of state and entrepreneurs, economists and curious people. All were waiting for the sequel…

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