AI has learned to track elephants from space

To keep the population of Savannah elephants, you must know where animals are located and their number. Current technology is not perfect, so scientists at Oxford University have developed artificial intelligence that is able to track elephants by satellite photos, said the description of the technology.

The number of Savannah elephants in the past century declining because of poaching and killings that occur when animals come into the farmland of the person. Inaccurate calculations lead to wrong allocation of environmental resources and poor understanding of demographic trends.

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The team from Oxford University has decided to combine satellite data and artificial intelligence to solve the existing problems of monitoring. The advantages of satellite images is that they show the area up to 5000 square kilometers at a time, so you can explore more areas, and rough areas become available. In addition, this method does not require a ground presence – it eliminates the risk to humans during data collection.

However, there are downsides to this technology: a huge amount of data. Therefore, the researchers decided to connect the AI to work: they taught the machine to count elephants and she began to do the work instead of humans, and tests have shown that the work of AI is almost equivalent to the human effort. Another drawback was the price of satellite images. They are quite expensive. In this issue, scientists are counting on the support of the authorities and charity organizations.

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