What is the highest grossing app?
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    What is the highest grossing app?

    Everyday technology is developing at a rapid pace, which can be noticed not only in your daily life, but also in the field of business, because at the moment there is a real boom of mobile applications. Today, there are a huge number of applications on the web, which can be used for almost everything: health management, entertainment, watching videos, social networking, socializing, dating, banking, different lifestyles, news, health management and the like. Among the billion apps available, there are also those that stand out against various criteria, especially profitability.  If there is a need for a payment app, this is currently a great option. Apps that stand out in terms of monetary value are able to bring in much higher profits, as the download rate statistically will be much lower. When the finished app is as relevant as possible to the needs of a certain target audience, then there is an opportunity for a return on investment in a short period of time.  There are also free apps that do not require any cost or contribution to purchase. Such apps have a high level of downloads compared to paid apps. Of course, the reason why there are so many downloads is because there is no need to pay for anything, which is what attracts most users.  Free applications will most often have a demo version that has good features and capabilities that will meet the needs of the audience. In this case, there may be no access to additional tools that can be purchased with the premium version. This way of attracting attention is quite popular and effective, as many people are willing to pay to satisfy their desires and get good quality from the tools of the app. There are also free apps that will be the medium for showing ads. But if you want to get rid of annoying ad windows, you can with the purchase of a premium version of the app.  Gaming free apps often have such functionality as the purchase of additional game elements when there is a need to purchase avatars, tools, extra power and other things. In this way, it is possible to increase profits by including a purchase feature in the app.  In order to get even more profitability when releasing the app, it is important to make sure that it covers some basic user needs. You need to make sure that the app is as compatible as possible with the platforms and has a great interaction with the users. It is very important that the application has a high level of performance and the startup time is as fast as possible.



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