What ServReality experts perform? Our company provides the client’s commercial project with original (creative) AR resolutions to immerse in the new unknown dimension. There is an obvious fact that AR tech encourages game and visionary industries a lot. The technological influence may be also noticed in various spheres such as real estate, healthcare, retailing, defense, market, HR, production, journalism, fun, space exploration, engineering, agriculture, sports.

Our services cover

ServReality AR development team gains good results in implementing impressive visuals with AR/VR software, projects. It is profitably to hire AR/VR experts and to improve customer engagement, product cost by hi-tech which can transform the business prototype completely. Use our services to level up the compatibility.

Our possibilities in AR:

  • Formulating a business plan of action to be enhanced from AR instruments
  • Taking a suitable device or a mixture of tools for the deal
  • Creating device-based software to get particular targets
  • Constant support during any stage of work
  • Software formation for all platforms
  • Graphic architecture of multidimensional objects
  • Examining
  • Fixed progress (every component should work perfectly)

Suggested gadgets and hi-tech to apply:

  • Microsoft Hololens
  • Google Glass
  • Oculus
  • Steam VR
  • Unity
  • Unreal Engine

ServReality experts can specialize in building AR/VR apps, software to get success. Make sure of our competence in practice.

AR software improvement price depends primarily on the mixture of platform and instruments, the number of specialists, and the time frames of a project delivery.

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