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    Let us create end-to-end AR experiences that will bring you to the forefront of your industry

    Currently, the widespread adoption of AR technology has a focus on the fast-changing path of its application in a great number of industries. The use of software for augmented reality in business continues to expand at an unprecedented pace. Not only should companies and organizations adapt and operate under a set of expectations that are constantly in flux, but they need also to opt for AR to survive and seize the upside of disruption. Increased implementation of augmented reality technology in various industries has the potential to drive innovation and instill customer-centricity. Moreover, it allows companies of any size to bring their brands to life in a new reality!

    Augmented Reality Software Development Services – ServReality

    Who We are

    Having over 10 years of experience in augmented reality software development, we at ServReality deliver best-of-breed AR software solutions for different business verticals, including eLearning, manufacturing, eCommerce, logistics, real estate and entertainment, etc. Along with providing digital transformation to enterprises and start-ups, our experienced software engineers deliver turn-key software for augmented reality that’s a step above with proficient project teams and a comprehensive approach to product delivery. Being among the trusted IT development companies, we offer customized AR solutions to our clients to address their unique challenges and meet with success. Designed to activate agile ways of working, we opt for discovery and delivery principles to launch sophisticated AR projects at scale. Not only can we help you accelerate your business growth with AR software development solutions, but we also make sure that our solutions are error-free and cutting-edge.


    Specializing in augmented reality technology, we at ServReality meet the demand of our clients and help them build interactive AR-powered solutions. Only by applying a holistic approach combined with broad knowledge can we drive your business forward.

    • AR training and simulations
    • AR virtual tours and events
    • AR games
    • AR for entertainment
    • WebAR apps
    • AR industrial machinery


    • ARCore
    • ARKit
    • Vuforia
    • WebXR
    • ARToolkit


    Bring practical applications of software for augmented reality directly to your business

    • AR Classroom: With this AR-equipped app, teachers can get students engaged and excited about the topic they are teaching. Only by integrating AR into the classroom can students interact with objects, artifacts, or media appearing in the room. Not only does it make them research and learn more about it, but they also can understand a particular concept or standard.

    • AR Interior: With this VR-powered game, students can step inside the human body. Not only can they inspect all the organs and tissues, but they should find out the disease. Moreover, they can get targeted views of specific organs and read all the essential information about them.

    • AR Torlock: With this AR-powered app, users can point their smartphones at the street and see the names, ratings and specialties of every restaurant on the horizon. Not only does it help them explore the surroundings much easier and more entertaining, but they can also discover places without losing any inside knowledge.


    The current pace of AR technology isn’t going to slow down. Organizations of all sizes are transforming into places where innovative AR-powered products deliver flawless customer experience, drive growth and reshape the dynamics of the business. Only by unleashing the full potential of AR technology can you reframe the way you do business. Not only should you activate new ways of working, but you can also shift your culture and apply a digital-first business model and customer-centric approach. Investments in software AR will help you reinvent the business for the digital world and ensure the successful execution of digital initiatives. Moreover, our user-friendly and engaging AR solutions allow you to cater to the right audience and meet with success.


    Is augmented reality software or hardware?

    Augmented reality (AR) is the real-time use of computer-generated objects displayed in the form of text/graphics/audio/etc. integrated with real-world objects.

    What is augmented reality software?

    Used with devices such as tablets/phones/headsets/etc, augmented reality software allows computer-generated objects such as text/graphics/audio/etc. to be projected into the real world thanks to sensors, digital projectors, and so on.

    What software is used for augmented reality?

    Such software as tablets, phones, headsets powered with sensors or digital projectors are utilized for augmented reality.

    Is vr hardware or software?

    Typically, it’s just a 3D environment created from a combination of software and compatible hardware.

    Why use augmented reality?

     Thanks to AR-powered solutions, not only can you boost engagement and interaction, but you can also deliver a great user experience and foster your brand awareness.


    From concept through well-written documentation, we at ServReality have the experience and resources to help guide you through a successful AR project. Not only can we help you identify the right customer opportunities and problems they face, but we also create a strategy and scale ideas. Only by assessing the current state of your business and discovering how your goals pair up with your digital ambitions can we deliver desired business outcomes with top-notch AR software. Invite our ServReality team and let us be part of your AR journey and success story!



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