Top 5 Chatbot Trends to Follow in 2020
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    • Top 5 Chatbot Trends to Follow in 2020

    Top 5 Chatbot Trends to Follow in 2020

    Earlier the guesses that AI would perform some simple actions to help clients with their complicated ideas and problems could be considered as an innovative illusion. There is no possibility to apply additional software and precise algorithms for solution-finding. By now the technology of chatbots plays a crucial role in service for clients. Brands and companies are going to experiment and clients are aware of modern technologies and their possibilities. The modern application cases of chatbots and voice assistants become limitless and people may predict essential development in 2020. Let’s observe 5 chatbot trends in 2020.

    Intelligent chatbots and their improvement

    • Artificial Intelligence becomes more improved and smart
    The past years have been impacted by the constant growth of data volume. In 2020 the main task for AI is the use of received info. This technology also has effective ways of data improvement and analysis. Complex systems can check the data and find the prototypes and learn the principal laws and methods to gain the aims. The main difficulty is that machines can understand the info they get. Knowledge graphs help the chatbots to have access to the basic knowledge and use them to recognize the info effectively and fast. It also concerns communication with customers and other operations. To be on top of the competition, companies must provide their client chatbots, which can say something useful in the necessary moment. According to customer answers, many users are irritated that chatbots have a lack of human interconnection. That’s why businesses add some funny and friendly answers to implement something human in conversation with a chatbot. If engineers are making responses for chatbots, they can use different services to improve it. This is very important that responses are written according to standards. They can use this info for improvement of interconnection with users, applying a big volume of data gathered in the past.
    • Higher concentration on gaining goals
    The improvement of AI systems goes ahead very quickly. The last results demonstrate the AI superiority in strategy games and competition with professionals. There is a tendency that artificial intelligence will have powerful systems able to connect and transfer the info for better customer service. The ability to understand the information and to learn helps chatbots to be dominant in their sphere. They can assist people in finding solutions to rising problems. Their processing ability impresses experts. Chatbots are becoming more human. The majority of companies are expected to apply chatbots soon, clients demand chatbots to give personalized and effective support. Technology providers try to advance the correctness of requests, the understanding of human communication, cultural peculiarities, intentions of customers. Chatbots provide their services for enterprises and businesses. Apart from working with clients and finding solutions to their queries, AI-powered chatbots are predicted to offer more operations for companies. The chatbots optimize internal processes no accounting their size. There are many types of chatbots, having different goals to satisfy the needs of companies. They include bots of human resources, workplace, marketing, data search, and others. Most enterprises are going to implement chatbots to improve their working efficiency. It makes sense to do it shortly to gain success in a deal.

    Peculiarities of chatbots

    • Change in operations
    Innovative kinds of social interconnections and networks are available due to chatbots.  In 2020 chatbots will transfer multiple tasks that directly help people find the right direction in problem-solving. One can gain the goal only in collaboration with human artificial friends such as chatbots. If people who are previously working with brands, surely they become a part of the company relationship system, where their cases are recorded and classified. When one uses it with chatbots, the technologies may apply the data to get a better understanding of customer’s problems and commentaries. Instead of beginning from scratch any session, a client and a chatbot may proceed to make a conversation referring to the previous problem. Obviously, according to privacy laws, the chatbot doesn’t have access to private info. Now, chatbots use the info the people provide on their public pages to find solutions to their requirements and problems. In 2020 it is expected the creators of chatbots will add analytics and useful data in them. It makes chatbots recognize prototypes and react to them correctly. In 2020 the developed chat-bots are AI-powered and deals with ML. It means that the more they are applied, the more they learn and the better they receive. The chatbots are often used for brand communication, that’s why they become better and more effective. The conversational chatbots learn the info about the clients, ordinary answers and customer satisfaction levels.
    • Automated payments
    The automation of payment operations is becoming a trend in 2020. Chatbots help customers to order and buy products. A high percentage of companies are going to automate payments via different live chatbots. Chatbots suggest the simple process of payments which better the customer comfort level, reduce the number of delayed orders and ease the work of the sales team.
    • Voice recognition
    It is expected in 2020 that the big number of users prefer dealing with chatbots instead of writing questions in chats. This approach of receiving info saves time and allows clients to perform multiple tasks while communicating with chatbots. There is also the possibility of technological peaks connecting with human speech and their recognition. Chatbots have a disadvantage – their disability correctly to understand human language. One can say that even people can misunderstand each other. Moreover, machine intelligence does the same. If the scientists and engineers, working on AI, ML and NLP make a huge step in their development, the service, support, and sales are better and more effective. In some companies, the chatbots are presented as automated call centers that are responsible for client flow and service support.



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