The Specularities of Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality Development in the Gaming Niche

What Makes VR & AR gaming so exciting?

The  novel technologies used in augmented and virtual reality, without doubts, greatly inspire new business opportunities, enabling existing tablets, phones and HMD’s to run lifelike 3d content in real time. Indeed, just take a look at the entertainment niche. VR/AR games have rebuilt the concept of interactive entertainment,  offering more immersive and realistic mood than one could imagine before.  Indeed, you can hardly find a person who hasn’t heard about Pokemon GO. But AR is not only Pokemon GO. Do you know other AR games?

Ingress, Temple Treasure Hunt just to name a few.

What about VR technology, can you name any games of this type that are well worth mentioning? The Climb, Werewolves Within, and of course, Minecraft VR are the must-try VR games.

Meanwhile, talking about VR and AR, do you know what differs them in terms of development?

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