The Proper TRL To Implement AI Programming for a CIO
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    • The Proper TRL To Implement AI Programming for a CIO

    The Proper TRL To Implement AI Programming for a CIO

    A CIO should not only know the basics of technologies used, but clearly understand the technology stack and the required time, approximately number of human resources and the project budget in general. Should some teams members spend working time on installing and playing with Hadoop & Spark?  The reason is probably YES, as it has been proven reliable. Is it ok to go full blown Hadoop within a week of downloading and installing it for the first time? The answer is NO, as the technology is already ready, but the production team might not be ready to support it. However, for a strong CIO, it’s not difficult to choose the right development tools and time and budget required. The main idea is to  have a clear vision of what is needed. In short, these are the key requirements:
    • Clearly understand the artificial neural network programming and the tools and technologies required. In terms of data analytics, for example. If you consider doing predictive or descriptive analytics while there is structured, relational data in volumes breaking a standard database, an MPP RDBMS database can become an option. When there are lots of unstructured data, consider choosing the Hadoop.  
    • Think about all AI-based technologies and functionality your product would include beforehand. For instance, will you want to add AI-based speech recognition? If yes, don’t forget to add API.AI files at the backend server and integrate with your app.
    The Bottom Line AI software is gaining more popularity and more companies consider implementing artificial technology to their products or services. To make their company ready for the successful startup or technology switch, a good CIO should make the deep market and technology analyses and have the technical expertise to gather the best AI brilliant minds.



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