The List of The Best Games Made With Unreal Technology

That famous engine has the title of the best looking game engine. Not a surprise, in fact, because its history already has 20 years of productive work. During this time, hundreds of games were created on that gaming platform, many of which received cult status among gamers.

Firstly, it was used to create simple games with a 2D view. Gradually the 3D action games began to appear. The popularity of the engine was provided by a unique system of work, it has at the same time: a graphic, physical core, built-in artificial intelligence, as well as tools for managing network file systems. The main attraction was the availability of ready-made environment for creating games.

We offer you our TOP-5 Unreal Technology game list for the entire twenty-year history of the UE.

The Unreal: The Pioneer Games on The UE

Actually, talking about the UE, it is impossible not to mention the predecessor game it was originally created for. Unreal is a three-dimensional shooter from the Epic Games studio. Three years the developers worked on the Unreal Engine, then to release the game based on it and with the exact same name. Subsequently, Unreal became a series and developed until 2007.

The developers managed to make their project one of the most innovative for its time. Among the games of the 1990s, Unreal had no competitors in the field of the number of various types of opponents, which were opposed to the player. 3D graphics with Unreal (game and engine) has reached a new level. Competing with one of its main opponents, Unreal presented highly detailed interiors and huge locations with magnificent views – this was not even in Quake II. Unreal was the first game in which detailed textures appeared.

Deux Ex – Cyberpunk in Action

The famous cyberpunk stealth action game, if you didn’t know, was released on the first version of the Unreal Engine in 2000. With this game, probably, not every modern user was able to get to know, considering its year, however, gamers have already heard about the Deus Ex series itself, which is developing now thanks to the efforts of Square Enix. The presence of the Unreal Engine allowed the developers to draw perfectly the models of heroes and approximately 700 polygons.

Finally, in the genre plan, the game turned out to be quite diverse – Deus Ex found a place for itself and RPG-elements, a full-fledged stealth/action game, and a 1st person shooter.


Deux Ex

Legendary Mortal Kombat X

This game is regularly included in the top three games on the Unreal Engine. It has a fighting game genre, which was previously considered on the example of Street Fighter V. There are a lot of characters here, a myriad of strikes, but they can be quite difficult to make since combinations are long and must be executed exactly. At the heart of the popularity of the game are great gameplay, spectacular battles and beautiful character models, areas for fights.

Horrific Beauty – BioShock Infinite

This fantastic horror has become one of the cults in its genre. And a great deal of it in this just belongs to the developers, who used UE to implement their project to create the BioShock universe. But another game of the cycle – BioShock 2 was created on a modified version of the UE3 – Vengeance Engine, and for its effects received the title of the best game of 2010.

Horrific Beauty

Dishonored – The Leader of Various Ratings

Designers who previously worked with Deus Ex and Thief: Deadly Shadows, the projects that were also based on the Unreal Engine, took part in creating the game. The gameplay itself was like both games, which is appropriate since all three projects (including Dishonored) were developed in the same genre.

Thanks to the new version of the UE, the developers managed to improve stealth mechanics in comparison with Thief, creating a detailed field of vision for the NPC. Ultimately, the game became the owner of many awards, where design, gameplay, storyline and other strengths of Dishonored were noted.

As you can see, the strengths of the Unreal Engine allowed us to create truly legendary games that are still widely known even by the new generation of gamers. But the story does not end there, because the UE is constantly being improved, and, quite possibly, you will become the creator of a new one in alist of Unreal games, which will also receive the status of a cult. And the developers from ServReality are ready to help you with the realization of your most fantastic project.

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