How interactive WebAR can impact your business

WebAR is a relatively new market. The active use of Augmented Reality in web platforms began about 5-7 years ago. Now, technology is finally refined and ready to hit the mainstream market. According to AR Insider, the web AR market is now worth more than 2,78 billion dollars. For a relatively new market, this is an incredibly high value. 

As AR became increasingly more available for individual use, small and medium businesses now, too, can afford the adoption of the technology. For corporations, the use of AR at this point has become almost an essential competitive point. After all, products like TikTok and Instagram showed us that adding interactive AR elements to their products, only in a mobile version. What about web products? 

What’s Web AR?

By WebAR, we can define any technology that uses AR in a browser. The technology is enabled by specific tools, like WebVR, WebGL, WebRTC, and various AR APIs. The main advantage of WebAR is its accessibility: customers can work with a WebAR app without having to install it. It’s not the only reason to consider the adoption of augmented reality for web projects. 

Web AR technology advantages

  • Cost-efficient development. Businesses that choose to implement AR in a native app need to put with two code bases at the same time, pay two teams of developers and testers. Cheaper options like hybrid development don’t let building a highly responsive interface. With web AR, business owners don’t have such issues. A web page can be opened on desktop, tablet, Android, iOs – everything is done in a single codebase. 
  • No need to download and install the app. Users have too many apps on their phones right now. Tapping into a daily experience when you have to win the competition with so many apps is difficult. Storage space is another issue – not many users will delete items for their memory to get your app. 
  • High reach: as soon as users got a link to your web AR, they can already interact with it, possibly even register on the service. The user path from the first interaction to registration is a lot shorter than on the app. The fact that web AR is device agnostic only increases the potential reach of the application. 

So, web AR is the least demanding way of executing augmented reality. Not only that, but it’s also one of the most accessible and easy to promote methods. 

Use cases for Web AR applications

To understand how to apply AR in web platforms, let’s take a look at the most common use examples and real-life cases. We made a list of our favorite webAR platforms -hopefully, that will give you inspiration for your own concept. 

Presenting products in real-life surroundings

Black & Decker developed a platform that allows customers to scan a business card, getting information about its statistics and design. You can create a mockup for the card and try visualizing it on your hand. This way, you’ll be able to see how the card looks when you give it to people, on the table, in a folder, etc. 

Additionally, you can upload real-life cards into a physical album so you don’t lose them anymore. AR can work in both directions – on one hand, bringing physical experience to a virtual experience or integrating real-life objects into a virtual environment. 

Event Web AR management application

During the lockdown and COVID quarantines all over the world, many events were canceled. Unsurprisingly, this called for a spike in a number of VR and AR events. Many brands transferred their conferences, product demonstrations, and other events to web AR platforms. 

Our favorite case study for this trend is Pot Noodle’s Career Fair. The brand, owned by Unuilieave,r presented its job offers in the interactive event. Undergraduate and graduate students were invited to explore virtual rooms, had personalized booths, and even interactive games. At the end of the day, the AR career fair turned to be a lot more versatile than the actual one could’ve been. 

This Career Fair is a great example of how AR can be used to enhance the experience and manage the crisis at the same time. It’s likely that we’ll see more AR events due to limitations for physical attendance. It’s just as likely that participants will enjoy the format, and web AR conferences will be with us for long.

AR interaction experience for content portals

Classical news portals and digest can be dramatically enhanced with Vr. Dell Technologies developed Ar rooms to transport people to different countries, tell about the company’s news and products.  Normally, no one would’ve cared, but due to the use of AR, Dell Technologies were able to generate a lot of buzz. 

Augmented Reality interactive try-on app

It’s perhaps the most common application of AR. Retail and e-commerce companies were exploring the possibilities of letting users see clothes and shoes on their bodies. Now, AR is a lot more accessible, which continues to an increased amount of such projects. Similar concepts work for cosmetics, hair styling, and even automobile brands. 

Challenges of using interactive Web AR

If you are thinking about WebAR adoption, it’s important to consider the difficulties of its development and maintenance. Here’s a list of the most common problems. 

  • No tried-and-proven systems. Fro now, all webAR platforms are cutting-edge, and business owners don’t have many references for their startups. 
  • Strict regulation: the use of augmented reality requires extensive application of video cameras and microphones. Companies need to be careful about data regulation and comply with GDPR, FTC, and other regulations. 
  • Poor camera quality. Even though we apps are less sensitive to hardware characteristics than mobile apps, you still will depend on the characteristics of users’ device models. Hardware issues can ruin the user experience. 

Wrapping up

Augmented reality in web development becomes a new norm. Businesses understand the advantages that web AR platforms have over native apps and switch to such services. If you are considering implementing AR interaction experience for your business, building a web platform is definitely a good place to start.

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