How do I get NFT for free?
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    How do I get NFT for free?

    NFT or non-interchangeable tokens have become one of the most discussed topics of the past year. As we already know, NFTs are a unique collectible crypto-asset that has been around since 2012, when the so-called colored Bitcoin coins originated. These coins had distinctive information that had a direct link to real assets. For the most part, such coins were used to create and trade artwork. Gradually, the world of NFT began to develop and reached its peak last year, 2021, that virtually the entire world was talking about it. It is also no secret to create and sell your own NFTs, with no need to learn programming or be a code expert. Nowadays, there are various platforms with which it is possible to create NFTs in different ways. The creation of non-interchangeable tokens is ideal for creative individuals like musicians, designers, artists who can digitize their work for free. A revolutionary new form of art with the help of non-interchangeable tokens has swept the world. That's why with the increasing popularity of NFTs, it's worth knowing how to create and sell them for free. In any of the most popular markets, you can perform this process. For example, to create an NFT without any fees, you can use a platform like S!ng, which is currently available for IOS. With it, it is possible to create almost any type of NFT with support for any file format downloader or any content you create. You don't have to have any special knowledge and skills to use such an application, just download the service and follow the intuitive instructions on the screen. To create NFT you will need to upload the selected file, add other related files, notes or co-authors if necessary. After that, you will need to submit the files for generation and you will become the owner of your NFT. Now you need to decide where to place the NFT for sale. The art of NFTs is that it is possible to digitize your work with these technologies. It's also worth taking care of how to properly sell your work. You can't create an NFT and expect them to be bought, so they have to be available to your subscribers and advertised on all available social media channels. More often than not, to create your own new NFT, many platforms or applications require you to pay a fee to be included in the network, after which you must move on to a sale. It's worth understanding that this operation has what's called risk, so you need to promote your work in order to make a profit.



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