Augmented Reality: Enhancing Cultural Heritage
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    Augmented Reality: Enhancing Cultural Heritage

    AR is predicted to rise up soon against a studying process, as people can imagine. A tendency demonstrates the fact, that AR will give to change a place and a time zone of studying. AR also improves an extra methodology for gaining new knowledge. People should know the studying has different ways of perception:
    • visual (watching, reading, writing)
    • audible (listening)
    • kinesthetic (tactile movements)
    Creative and conversational components of self-education should be present in human cultural recognition. In this connection, AR gets learners to be involved in a cultural self-educational process and always interested in a subject. Augmented reality enhances cultural heritage perception. There are some ways to level up the cultural experience to people by AR:
    • using Interactive books (ITCraft Books)
    • creating the 3D model of an object (Aurasma for astronomy, Arloon (biology), Alive Studios, Octagon Studio)
    • visiting different cultural establishments, where the AR technologies are in action (Bone Hall (History), Artlens (Art), Google Classroom (Tourism experience)).
    Speaking about the popular entertainment of all citizens’ TV watching, future AR technologies will soon replace Television. That leads to a complete provision with information by forthcoming AR devices. There are also some amazing AR mobile applications, which can help people get new cultural knowledge and share them with any interested person. They are presented below:
    • CultureClic (French mobile app, 900 works of art, and 1350 museums to explore)
    • UAR (Dutch app for a demonstration of past building models on places, where they were before)
    •  HistoryPin (a website, an app for sharing private family archives and special moments)
    It is clear to point out that all given websites, applications, and devices cannot recreate a complete customer’s experience. Their content and methods make a huge step to get a point.



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