Vive Focus Plus will work with the XR2 and chip support 5G

Vive Focus Plus will work with the XR2 and chip support 5G

Test Vive Focus Plus with chip XR2 appeared on Geekbench. Does the HTC self-sufficient sunglasses high-class?


The test results have been uploaded to the Geekbench (one of the most popular benchmarks) 9 Sep. The model is “HTC Vive Focus (XR2)” running on Android. The head of HTC in China Alvin van Greylin did not want to comment on a possible premature disclosure of points when he asked the question.


Chip XR2 based on Snapdragon 865 and was presented at the end of 2019. He has to work twice as fast as Snapdragon 835 built into the Oculus Quest, offer eleven times more performance for compute AI, to support up to seven cameras monitor to be compatible with 5G and display resolution 3000 x 3000 pixels at 90 frames per second. In other words: XR2 — chip for stand-alone virtual reality of new generation.


Возможности qualcomm snapdragon xr2



HTC tries again?


With Vive Plus new Focus on the chip XR2 HTC still needs to appeal to business customers. Vive Focus Plus, which was launched in April 2019, has a much older Snapdragon 835 and is still standing more than 80,000 rubles.


It is doubtful whether HTC can bring to market new virtual reality device. The Cosmos platform failed in the market, and the company’s financial position has become more menacing threat. This month, HTC also lost its CEO Yves Maitre. He left his place just a year after his appointment.



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