Travel, accomodation, and restaurants

    Travel, accomodation, and restaurants

    AR and VR for Restaurants and Tourism

    Keeping up with the technology is what saves your business from becoming obsolete. Do you care to know what are the new trends nowadays? It is highly probable that you have heard the terms AR and specifically VR. Take a brief look at what they are and think about the possibilities they could bring to your business, such as having restaurant VR.

    AR and VR — What Are They


    AR stands for augmented reality, while VR is virtual reality. You may have seen, or at least heard, people catching Pokemon using their smartphones. This is a real-world usage of AR. In short, with this technology, people have experience, primarily interactive, with real-world objects but in an enhanced and virtual version.

    Here is another striking example. Imagine you are planning to buy a furniture set for your new house. Take out your phone or tablet, open the app, scan towards the empty room, select the virtual table, and put it where you desire. As a result, you can see the preview of how the furniture will look despite not actually having it in the room. Isn’t that astonishing?


    One of the most significant differences between AR and VR is that you need a specific headset to experience VR. One advantage of VR over AR is that you can experience a whole simulated world. One notable example is medical students using the above tech for surgery or similar tasks.

    It is not an overstatement to say that VR was a foundation for AR. There is also a mixed reality tech, referred to as XR, a combination of VR and AR. It is worth mentioning this incredible product even though it is out of the scope of this topic.

    AR & VR for Restaurants

    All of the restaurants have a typical menu: a notebook that consists of pictures, names, and prices of the products. What if we could level that up? Customers take their gadgets, open the app, and voila: see all the available menu but in 3D! As an example, they can not only see colorful burgers but estimate their sizes as well.

    It is guaranteed that your customers will be more than excited. The chances are that your sales will boost. People are curious and like new technology. What is more, they like being interactive and this is where AR or VR comes. Have a restaurant augmented reality and enjoy its outcomes.

    AR & VR for Traveling

    We are not limited to virtual reality restaurant apps. There are times when we feel that we are someplace better even though physically we are at home. With either AR or VR, we can amplify that feeling and virtually travel to anyplace. Using AR/VR tech for traveling is one of best, if not the best, implementation of it. Not many virtual reality travel apps are available nowadays. However, investing in them and getting early on the train might have unimaginable consequences for you.

    One interesting point. Around the world, there are places, not military, that are being preserved and forbidden for traveling and places hard to visit. With the above-mentioned tech, people can enjoy visiting those places virtually. Even more, you can visit your favorite hotel virtually.


    In the not-so-distant future, AR/VR tech might disrupt the restaurant and traveling business. Utilized correctly, it will be more positive than negative.



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