Undergraduates the University awarded 7 days. The photo of the downed woman he

Магистранту БГУИР присудили 7 суток. На фото со сбитой женщиной не он

The student BSUIR Paul Fedorcova awarded 7 days of administrative arrest under article 23.34. About it dev.by said older brother Paul Constantine Fedortsov.

Constantine Fedortsov confirmed that the video of Minsk police — his brother Paul, a student of the 1st course of a magistracy of the FIC BSUIR, the owner of the red diploma.

— On Sunday he went to Gold Hill, and in an hour or two a day with it communication was gone, — said Konstantin. — First, I asked the parents not to worry, but 5-6 hours in the evening we started to call the police Department. Finally, in the Soviet district police Department told us that the brother was arrested and will be delivered in Akrestsin street.

Details of detention of Konstantin does not know, but I’m sure the woman in the pink brother was shot down — photos runs a completely different person.

— On the photo is absolutely not my brother. He has black, long hair, and this guy — short blond hedgehog. My brother a different complexion, a different jacket, a different mask.

Today Paul judged on Skype. Judge Sergei Shatilo was awarded 7 days. Did the court question about the incident with the woman, the relatives do not know.

Brother also said that attorney Paul helped the employer.

— After graduation, Paul initially wanted to go into information security, but since the distribution had problems, then went to the company associated with eletronicos, writes on page He is interested in cryptography, security, studying on a specialty “protection of information in telecommunications”. If possible, would be in this area to develop.

Constantine Fedortsov — the same pros, and also had to pass over article 23.34.

I was detained on September 6 Chebotarev, if you remember, was the super RAID. Gave a penalty — 25 BV. Always go in jeopardy.

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