Rokid Vision 2: AR glasses in new design

Rokid Vision 2: AR glasses in new design

Chinese manufacturer Rokid introduced a new AR glasses from the line of Vision products: Vision 2 Rokid has a fresh hardware design and new software and sold to companies and end users.

AR glasses are positioned as a complement to smartphones, laptops and tablets. The official trailer (see below) shows the cable connection between Rokid Vision 2 and similar devices. It is possible that points AR required player and they connect to it via the USB cable-C. Vision 2 is compatible with 4G and 5G.

AR glasses are light and foldable, like conventional. As with One Magic Leap and Hololens, they’re embedded with the waveguide display. According to the company, the light transmission is 85% and field of view — 40 degrees. Two speakers provide stereo sound. AR points must be operated by voice.

Rokid Vision: the continuing experiment

Rokid Vision 2 appears with specially designed applications and demonstrations that are designed for spatial interaction:

  • Fantasy world: an immersive space surrounding the user, with which you can interact using voice, gestures and control head.
  • Holographic cinema: a cinema in the IMAX format that allows you to play panoramic videos in 2D, 3D and 360 degree.
  • Virtual city: with 6DoF tracking, the user can move freely through the virtual space. According to Rokid, tracking of space became possible with a single RGB camera.


AR goggles work on their own operating system Rokid XR, which, among others, supports the chips Qualcomm, Amlogic and HiSilcon. SXR SDK gives developers access to all new functions of the AR points.

Rokid goal is to develop natural interfaces for larger markets. So the company wants to cover not only the industry but also end users, but acknowledges that the Vision 2 has not yet is the end result of these efforts.

“Rokid continuing research, whether in the form of points AR or some other future form, and trying to develop a product more acceptable to the public”, — is spoken in the company message.

Price and launch date Rokid Vision 2 market is still unknown.

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