Quick and nerdy

Quick and nerdy

I’m floating somewhere in space, staring at a small planet. This could be the future of storytelling, I think, and lean forward to lenses in a hole, in which a little guy lives. A little I have to be afraid to bump my head, because somewhere in front of me a Desk.

“The Rose and I” is the name of the Virtual-Reality (VR) App that I am testing with a VR-glasses, the Oculus Rift,. The short film, I set the camera perspective by head movement, is regarded as a pioneer in VR Storytelling. “The Rose and I” was “the best Argument for Virtual Reality”, has a headline, for example, “Buzzfeed” and the obvious of “The little Prince” – inspired story in the highest terms of praise.

In fact, The Rose and I “is” beautiful, maybe even heart-warming. The virtual Trip into space, has a major drawback: It is over very quickly, after five minutes, you can see the end credits. And so lovingly “The Rose and I” is made, the value is low.

Similarly, at the moment, almost all of the VR-stories: impress you with their look, are but little longer than a YouTube Video – and off-camera movements by the head and the body is not really interactive.

This criticism applies, for example, for “Henry”, an Oculus-produced short film about a hedgehog, and for “Colosse”, in which the meeting is to be signed between a fisherman and a giant being tracked. Also it fits to “Lost”, where they will experience in the bushes, the arrival of a gigantic robot and to “Invasion”, where a white Bunny on a frozen lake met aliens. All of these projects are value does not see, but so spectacular that they are longer in the memory.

The reasons for this state of things are manifold: on the one Hand, VR are widely used eyeglasses hardly, according to small, the potential audience and revenue opportunities. And on the other hand, it is difficult to produce an animation film looks from every perspective well, so spend only money.

Even more crucial is a third reason, however, is: Nobody really knows what constitutes the ideal VR experience. What works, without the people poor? How you distract your view? What are you willing to sacrifice money to spend and leisure time and a VR Headset to put on? “What have I learned in film school that doesn’t help me at all,” told me Mike Woods, the founder of VR company White Rabbit VR on the Tech Festival South by Southwest.

How much of the Produce for VR from the movie is different, has Woods in an article that appeared in “Fast Company”. “Don’t think of classic ‘Directors can work around your’ VR”, it says, for example: “There is not a single picture!” Also things such as cuts or camera movements can either be “impossible or very problematic”. The 100-year-old rules of classic storytelling, would not apply.

What is for producers, this is a gigantic challenge, also offers opportunities for VR developers have the opportunity to create the experience, how could you make in your own living room never before. Hybrid from movies and video games are conceivable, Horror, or sports films, to Join about.

It could be a True-Crime-stories with interactive crime scene inspections, trailing scenes, in which the orders of magnitude so perfectly simulate that you think you have guessed that a death shot was from a certain place. “Serial” in VR – a dream.

One of the heads of the most ambitious VR Storytelling project, the freelance producer Jacquie Barnbrook, I’ve met recently in Stuttgart. Barnbrook, and several movie companies have been working for months together on the “The Martian VR Experience,” an experience of the well-known movie with Matt Damon.

Up to 30 minutes to take the most visually impressive experience, the player takes on the role of astronaut Mark Watney, the need to survive alone on Mars. Thus, the Survival succeed, you must be the player to active, for example in Basketball Games with the potatoes. “But it is not intended as a game,” said Barnbrook, “but as an immersive, interactive narrative experience.”

This term sounds bulky, is due to the fact that there are no Genre designation for experiences such as “The Martian VR” – let alone predictions as to how much she appreciated the audience. “It will take a while until we know whether people are interested in more of such formats, or for game unique experiences,” said Barnbrook, who wanted to call no release date for your project – or could.

Originally, the “VR Experience”, of which there is a Teaser Video for the Gear VR should appear at the end of last year, then in the spring, now or later. Her work is designed for operation with Hand controllers, explains Barnbrook. Unlike other Apps, we have rebuilt, even in the arms of the player’s virtual, so that you can move to fit to the hands. The only Problem is: For the Oculus hand controllers will appear Rift until the end of the year, until then, you could play the “The Martian VR” ‘t right – or in the case of doubt, only with competitive glasses, the HTC Vive.

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That it is a film-like experience of well-doing, to his hands, is VR expert Mike Woods convinced. “What’s the purpose of an absolutely passive experience, if it is any offset to where? Give me the Controller, let me at things and forth,” he said. Everything was in VR-experience is desirable, what is the increase in the middle of it feeling, to odors, heat, or a loose ground. “If you have the Chance to get all the senses, you should appeal to all,” he says.

Such a scenario, the currently available VR experiences are far away, or at least away from the elaborate Festival set-UPS. In them it is still a relatively classic viewer. One of the many Highlights it so far, if the hedgehog from “Henry” look me in the eyes, and me, in a sense perceives. Can’t touch him but I can’t move once in his apartment.

According to Mike Woods, is expected to help game developers to invent the narrative styles of the future: “to be the first,” he says. “They have over 40 years of advance, to allow people to make decisions and to simultaneously tell a story. The movie people will learn a lot of it.”

In fact, there are already a handful as the games of advertised Apps, which rely heavily on narration: “Fated: The Silent Oath” for example, a Vikings game, in which you nod as a silent main person in the head or shaking responds to questions of his family. Or “Dead Secret”, an Adventure, solving as a journalist, puzzles, and including by text found pages delve deeper and deeper into a criminal case.

That VR will provide experience in the long term, more than a few minutes Kurzweil, the investment in this area suggest: Penrose Studios, the creators of “The Rose and I”, could look forward to in March on a record-breaking round of financing, investors, promised the company $ 8.5 million.

And also the classic film celebrities has become increasingly more points of contact with VR: Stephen Spielberg, for example, is an Advisor to the Virtual Reality Company (VRC), is one of the companies behind “The Martian VR Experience”.

Last Spielberg expressed but surprisingly skeptical of VR experiences, as he spoke in an Interview of a “dangerous Medium”: “The only reason why I say dangerous, is that the audience has a lot of freedom to follow the Plan of the narrator and to decide for themselves where he’s looking,” he said. He hoped, therefore, that in the case of VR, the stories are forgotten.

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