Quartz vinyl Kazan buy

Quartz vinyl Kazan buy

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Are you looking for a floor covering, but not an ordinary one, but so that it is beautiful and safe, like parquet, durable, like ceramic tiles, modular and variable in laying, like laminate? Do you think that such a material does not exist on the construction market, and you will have to choose from what is available? We offer you to buy quartz-vinyl tiles in Kazan and get all the advantages in one product at once This type of floor covering has been leading in various ratings among building materials in its niche for a decade.

Stylish floor Kazan

The Stylish Floor company is your guide in the world of floor coverings. 10 years of successful practice, hundreds of grateful customers, thousands of sold product units, a qualified staff of experienced employees-all these components have helped the specialized salon to become a significant player in the market of products for floor devices both in Kazan and throughout Tatarstan.

Qualified managers will help you buy the right quartz-vinyl, parquet, laminate, linoleum, calculate the exact amount of building material. If necessary, the installation of the floor covering in Kazan will be carried out at a high professional level. The specialized salon “Stylish floor” offers a full range of services: selection of suitable material, measurement, calculation of quantity, targeted delivery, professional installation, repair and maintenance. All products have the appropriate quality certificates. Only trusted partners are engaged in the delivery of product offers.

What is quartz vinyl?

The main component of the material is natural quartz. The mineral itself is very hard and dense. The remaining components are vinyl, molecular plasticizers on a safe basis, coloring agents, lubricants and stabilizers. All components are absolutely safe for humans and pets! There are no resins of phenol and melanin in the composition!

The finished tile made of quartz vinyl can be compared with a multi-layer cake, where the bottom layer is polyvinyl chloride. It is he who provides optimal adhesion to the floor base. The role of the reinforcing frame in the second layer is performed by fiberglass. Thanks to the third layer of quartz-vinyl, the tile gets its famous strength and thermal insulation qualities. The next layer performs a decorative function.

It forms the texture of the product, on which the desired pattern is applied. The final layer is a protective polyurethane containing aluminum oxide impurities. It provides reliable protection of the tile from mechanical influences, sliding, burnout. Despite this layering, the quartz vinyl parquet has a small thickness – only about 5 cm. The vinyl coating is made by sintering and pressing.

Advantages of quartz-vinyl coating

Due to the high quartz content, quartz-vinyl tiles are durable and have a long service life. The mineral crumb included in the composition protects the material from abrasion, and a special protective layer of the film does not allow the material to fade in the sun.

Why you should buy Quartz Vinyl tiles:

Moisture resistance. The material does not absorb moisture, it is optimally suitable for installation in rooms with high humidity levels – bathroom, kitchen, sauna, swimming pool.

Wear resistance. Thanks to the reliable top layer, quartz-vinyl tile is not afraid of mechanical impact, there are no cracks, scratches, chips on it.

UV resistance. The product made of quartz vinyl does not fade in the sun, does not change color and texture over time.

A wide color palette and a variety of decor. Quartz-vinyl floors imitate wood, glass, stone, cork and other natural materials.

Versatility – the building material can be used both for the floor device and for wall cladding. It can be used when installing the “Underfloor heating” system.

Environmental safety. The material consists of safe components. It can be used in children’s institutions, hospitals, polyclinics, educational facilities.

The floor made of vinyl and quartz has a certain level of heat capacity, unlike ceramic. Ease of installation and high maintainability are also an important advantage of the material.

Quartz-vinyl in the store “Stylish floor”

We offer a wide and dynamically updated range of quartz-vinyl floor coverings in Kazan. You can buy tiles of the following brands from us: FineFloor, LG, Moduleo, Nox, BerryAlloc, FloorAge, A+Floor, Finaflex, Alpine Floor, Decoria, Millenium, Art Tile. Multi-layer flooring is presented in different colors and textures. Here you can buy an inexpensive lock vinyl floor of the best world brands.


If you decide to order a quartz-vinyl tile from us, then you can not worry about the quality of the goods, as well as about the careful and timely delivery of the order to the right address not only in Kazan, but also throughout Tatarstan. We cooperate with the leading transport companies of the country.


The installation of quartz and vinyl flooring is carried out by a team of qualified craftsmen, who account for hundreds of completed objects. If necessary, specialists will carry out prompt and high-quality floor repairs.

Other products of the Stylish Floor store

In addition to quartz-vinyl flooring, you can buy laminate Classen, Arteo, Wiparquet, Egger, Kronopol, Tarkett, Ideal, Parquet–Tarkett, Gran Parte, FocusFloor, Barlinek.

Cork Style cork flooring, Corkribas, parquet board, carpet, linoleum. If you have started a construction project or decided to start repairs, call us and get professional advice on the best option for flooring for your object.


You can order an inexpensive and high-quality floor covering in Kazan made of quartz-vinyl or other material by calling 8(843)253-06-74. We are open from Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 19.00. On Saturday, the store accepts orders from 10.00 to 16.00 Sunday is a day off.

Our address: Kazan, Pavlyukhina street 996.

Bodys. 8(843)253-06-74

Website. stylepol.ru

instagram. @Laminatkzn

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